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Milk bottle luminary penguin craft for kids

I kind of love penguin crafts. Actually that’s probably because I rather love penguins, there’s something about them that never fails to bring a smile to my face. This cute penguin craft for kids is really simple to make and is a fun winter craft for colder days. What’s more, with a simple hack you can turn it into a fun luminary too!

milk bottle penguin luminary

You will need:

Plastic milk bottle




Black card

Orange card

Black paint

LED tea light

How to make your penguin

Before you start make sure that your milk bottle is totally clean, just pop some soapy water into the bottle, give it a swish and then rinse it clean and dry. No one wants to be crafting with old milk!

This next step is optional if you want to make a penguin luminary (and they are rather cute!) turn the milk bottle so that the handle is facing you and very carefully cut a whole near the bottom big enough that you can put a LED tea light inside. If you are crafting with very young kids then this will be an adult job to at least get the first cut done, although your kids might be able to cut the shape out.

how to make a milk bottle luminary

Using your black paint, paint the outline and body of the penguin. If you look at the opposite edge to the handle then you will notice an indent running all the way round which is perfectly placed for the white of the penguins body!

Cut out eyes and a beak from your coloured card and stick these on.

Once your penguin is dry then you can pop your lit LED light in the back and light up the penguins body!

milk bottle penguin luminary craft for kids

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  1. 12th January 2016 / 2:31 pm

    I just love this! Like you, I’m a sucker for penguins, so I think this is incredibly cute, but it’s also such a good idea. I know kids would love making it, but also end up with something which is really great!

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