How To Make Washi Tape Business Cards

So, it was BritMums Live at the weekend and I wanted to take some business cards with me. But then I went on holiday and forgot to order any, oops! A quick jaunt into town for a quote which even the sales assistant said was silly meant I was going to have to go without or make some myself and so hurray! It’s washi to the rescue again with these washi tape business cards!

washi tape business cardsSeeing it was a Friday night and I had to make quite a few and also drink some wine, I kept these as simple as possible while still trying to keep them looking cute. No one wants to make 100 of something that takes ten minutes each to make!

washi tape cards materialsMaterials

Pen, Luggage Tags, Washi Tape, Scissors.

Although you could obviously use card stock for this I wanted to make sure that the edges of my card would be straight and frankly, I didn’t trust my cutting ability! The tags were 75p for 10 from Wilkinsons and the washi tape is from MT and was a bit pricey at £3ish but ohhhh! It’s pretty!

washi tape business cards instructionsInstructions

Tear two bits of washi tape and place them to make an arrow shape. Cut off the ends neatly using scissors. Write your details in your best handwriting on your card (total struggle for me, sigh). I only put my blog and my email address as this meant there was less to write and people can find all my social media stuff through my blog if they would like that. Repeat lots.


All done. I’m always a bit nervous about using handmade things but they made a nice talking point and I figure if you are a craft blogger it makes sense to make crafty business cards, right?!

how to make washi tape business cardsIf you like washi tape why not follow my washi tape board on Pinterest? Or I’d love to know what you’ve made with it so do drop me a comment below!


  1. 27th June 2014 / 11:43 am

    Such a fabulous idea – they look really personalised too, which I think is really important when you’re faced with a million other business cards trying to do the same thing!

  2. 1st July 2014 / 8:11 am

    Love washi tape, love the idea of luggage tags for business cards (doh, why didn’t I think of that?)
    I made my own by sticking fabric over the writing on some out of date ones from work that I rescued from the bin, luckily they were blank on one side so there was somewhere for my details to go. #pintorials

  3. 1st July 2014 / 10:16 am

    I love these! I really wish that I’d managed to see you there now!

  4. 1st July 2014 / 1:33 pm

    They look so professional! I thought they will printed on the card! Loving it!

  5. 1st July 2014 / 4:59 pm

    These are super. I don’t know how you managed to get your handwriting so consistent. Mine would’ve been a scribble after 10 or so cards! #pintorials

  6. 16th July 2014 / 12:12 pm

    Hi, Kate! I saw your guest post on Diana Rambles today-loved those upcycled bags. Thought I’d browse your site and found this great post. I’m doing a series right now called, Creative Branding Tips for your Business. I’m doing a round-up of DIY business card ideas next and definitely will be linking to this post! Would you believe I’ve never purchased washi tape, but I dreamt about it last night!! Weird!! I guess this is a sign I really need to buy some!
    Have a great day!!

    • 17th July 2014 / 9:14 am

      Aww, thanks Gina! The tutorial on Diana Rambles was by the super talented Vicki Myers when she guest posted for me, it’s fab isn’t it!

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