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Easter Egg Sensory Bin

‘Wow!’ You know an activity is going well when that’s one of the main things your child is saying! My toddler has been a bit obsessed with sensory bins recently and to be honest, as they keep her busy for so long I’m becoming a bit obsessed with them too! She spotted these eggs and demanded they were bought, a few simple additions and we had a fun Easter egg sensory bin that is great for fine motor skills, sensory exploration and most of all, fun!

Easter Egg Sensory Bin

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Easter Egg Sensory Bin

You will need


Plastic eggs, ours were from Poundland but you can buy these on Amazon which are similar

Water beads

Plastic measuring cups and bowls

easter egg sensory bin for toddlers

How we played

I made the water beads in advance as they take a few hours to swell properly, once they were ready I put them in a large tub along with the plastic eggs and other things to play with. I left some of the eggs and some open. For this activity I made sure that I was watching my daughter the whole time. we do sensory bin’s quite often and I’m happy to nip out of the room while she plays with rice or pasta (and deal with any messy consequences after!) but just the same as with playdough, I wouldn’t leave a toddler alone with water beads incase they try to eat them. Anyway, in better news, she loved them! The plastic eggs are great for scooping the water beads and you can also close the eggs with the beads inside them, making for fun little shakers.

easter egg sensory play

Scooping with the eggs and small measuring cup was great for her fine motor skills, as is pouring the beads into cups, bowls and onto the eggs. ‘Wow’ genuinely was her most used word – she loved seeing the water beads bounce as she poured them! This activity kept her entertained for about 30 – 45 minutes and both the eggs and the water beads have been put away to play with later in the week!

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