30 Cool Craft Ideas for Boys

My son enjoys making stuff, but there are certain crafts that really get him excited. Superhero crafts. Star Wars crafts. Things that he can go and play with. The ones where he turns to me and says ‘thank you mummy’ with a look of glee in his eyes. I’m sure that lots of these are things that girls would like to make too (my daughter is obsessed with Batman and I’m hardly going to tell her that she can’t do ‘boy stuff’) but I also know that there are some crafts that boys will do and some crafts that boys will really, really want to do. So this is my little round up of the coolest and most fun crafts for boys, the ones they’ll thank you for.

cool craft ideas for boys

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Cool Craft Ideas for Boys

Make some Batman wrist cuffs

Get the paints out for this fun Death Star craft

I am somewhat in love with these pipe cleaner ninjas!

I am almost scared to show my son this post on how to make a pool noodle rocket because I know he’ll have to make it right now!!

Make Emmet from the Lego Movie

Use pool noodles to make some fun light sabers

Make a Batmobile

Raid the recycling bin to make this cute TMNT craft

Make an R2-D2

Make a paper plate Spiderman

Use toilet rolls to make some cool Star Wars characters 

Make a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle from a paper plate

Just in case your kids need an excuse to run around smashing stuff, make a cool hulk mask!

Use a paper plate to make this Thor Helmet

Create your own super cheap dressing up accessories with this Captain America shield kids can make

Get the pens out and make a gigantic comic strip

Hack the traditional paper dolls craft by turning them into Star Wars Clone Troopers

Make a glow in the dark flying saucer

Is your boy obsessed with plastic eggs? (Thanks YouTube for that!) Don’t chuck them, turn them into ninja’s instead.

Droids. Of course you want to build some droids so here’s how to do it!

Make a robot and get it to balance, there’s a cool printable here to help you!

Make a hexabug maze.

Make a rocket

Lego fanatic? Make some cool art by building this Lego spinning machine

Make handpainting cool with this pirate handprint craft.

I think we’ll be making these fingerprint ninja’s this weekend!

Make Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle saltdough handprints

Create some Minecraft keyrings

Make and play with some fun superhero puppets

These cool light sabers really lights up!

crafts for boys

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  1. 11th February 2016 / 1:39 pm

    Some awesome crafts here, my little one would love the Spiderman and the TMNT ones x

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