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Apple Themed Writing Tray

With back to school and preschool looming on the horizon for us I decided to try out this apple themed writing tray with both my kids. It’s surprisingly easy to set up and can be used both for activities for toddlers and school aged children to practice mark making, letter formation and writing words which means that it can easily be used with both of my kids. I’m also sharing how to dye sand should you wish to do that too!

apple themed writing tray

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Red dyed sand (see below)


Green card


Dish to put the sand in

How to make dyed sand:

I made my dyed sand a couple of days in advance and it was really easy – simply pop a few sups full of play sand into a ziplock bag and then add some coloured food dye. I use the liquid stuff rather than the gel. Close the bag and give it a good squeeze making sure the dye covers the sand and adding more dye if you need it, then give it a couple of days to dry.

apple writing tray preschool

Our apple themed writing tray:

I cut out a bit of card to cover the bottom of my tray and then put a thin layer of the coloured sand on top. To encourage my kids to use it for writing I made made some little cards using a picture of an apple and either letters or shapes to draw on them.

apple writing cards

I gave the kids the option of using a paintbrush or their fingers to write with and then let them explore writing in the tray. My son enjoyed playing with this for  while but it kept my preschooler entertained for ages, practicing drawing circles and lines and then flattening the sand out again.

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preschooler writing tray

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