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Yogurt Pot Sheep Craft for Kids

Since the round up of farm animal crafts for preschoolers that I shared the other week I’ve become a little obsessed with animal crafts as they’re so easy for kids to make and they look really cool. My kids decided that they fancied giving something new a go so we came up with this cute yogurt pot sheep craft, they’re currently in our dining room as part of our Easter decorations but they’re fun to make at any time of the year.

easy sheep craft for preschool

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You will need:

Clean large yogurt pots


White paper (optional)

Sellotape (optional)

Cotton wool balls


Black card


Googly eyes

sheep craft for preschoolers

Lets make it:

Before we started I covered the yogurt pots in a piece of white paper which I secured at the back using a bit of sellotape, this is totally optional but if you have a bright coloured yogurt pot that you don’t want showing through then it gives a nice clean finish. If your kids aren’t remotely bothered by a bit of strawberry or banana showing on their sheep then obviously you can skip this step!

We cut the sheep’s hooves and faces from black card and stuck the googly eyes on and then while they were drying the kids put glue onto the yogurt puts and stuck on their cotton wool. We’re getting a new dining table soon so I wasn’t worried about ours getting in a mess but if you are worried about getting glue in yours then a cover like this one is a really good idea.

Once the sheep were covered in wool the kids stuck on their sheep’s hooves and faces and their sheep craft was done!

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