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Stained Glass Turkey Craft for Kids

Need a fun turkey craft for kids that’s suitable for different ages, cheap and looks cute too? Well then I have just the thing for you! Both my two year old and four year old loved making these stained glass turkeys and because of the process you’ll use to make them they look pretty impressive too!

stained glass turkey craft for kids

You will need:

Paper Plates



Sticky back plastic / contact paper

Googley eyes

Brown card

Red card

Washi tape / sellotape


How to make your turkey:

Cut the bottom off your paper plate to give it a flat bottom and then cut out some feather shapes. To do this as safely as possible I always jab the scissors through into a bit of playdough – a handy hint I remember from kids TV in my youth!

Place a piece of sticky back sticky side up on your table. As this stuff is super sticky I always use washi tape to hold it down in place. Cut the cellophane into pieces and let your kids use it to decorate the sticky back plastic. I cut out strips of cellophane so they would look a bit more like feathers, I really recommend using cellophane rather than tissue paper for this as you get much brighter colours. Obviously depending on the age (and mood!) of your kids you can also get them to do some cutting too.

paper plate turkey craft for kids

Once your kids are happy with their work, place the paper plate on top of the back plastic so that it sticks down and then cut away any excess. If your kids have put on so much cellophane that the plate wont stick, as younger kids have a tendency to do, don’t panic, you can just stick it in place with some sellotape.

Cut out a body and beak for your turkey and stick these in place and then all you need to do is add some googly eyes! We used some glitter card for the body which obviously isn’t necessary but I thought it looked cute and the beak was made using card from a paint chip – super cheap huh?!With the cellophane in these to catch the light they would look super cute hung in your window too.

turkey crafts for kids


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  1. Mihaela
    7th November 2015 / 5:23 pm

    Cute! And easy to make! Will give them a go this Thanksgiving with kids!

  2. 20th November 2015 / 4:25 pm

    Ahhhh a lovely cute idea. I love stick back plastic. My son loves sticking 🙂

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