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Painted Cotton Wool Hearts

Around this time last year I shared a post about painting with cotton wool where my daughter painted some heart shapes using cotton wool. Well this painted cotton wool hearts activity is kind of the reverse of that one, instead of using the cotton wool to paint with we tried painting the cotton wool!

painted cotton wool heart craft for preschool

Painted Cotton Wool Hearts Materials:





Cotton Wool


painted heart craft valentines day

Lets Make It:

Start by drawing a heart shape on card, glue can make paper a bit soggy and flimsy so card works much better for holding the shape. Next cover the heart in glue, at four years old my daughter is a bit glue obsessed so she loved this!

Next up cover your heart in cotton wool and then you can start painting. We began with paint brushes but cotton wool is a really strange surface to paint on so after a bit we decided to use our fingers instead, this is a bit of a messy craft but we like exploring different ways to paint and different surfaces to paint on – we’ve previously painted hearts using foil before and in another reverse idea painted some foil hearts with glue.

Once you’re finished painting leave your heart to dry and once the paint has gone hard you can cut your heart shape out.

If you like the sound of this activity don’t forget to bookmark this page or pin the image below so you don’t forget about it. Want more ideas for Valentines Day? Check out our post with over 60 Valentines Day activities for Preschoolers.

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cotton wool painted heart valentines craft

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