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Moana Crafts: Heart of Te Fiti Suncatcher

We’ve shared some Moana crafts and activities before but when I thought of this fun heart of Te Fiti suncatcher the other day I knew I had to share it. Moana is one of my kids favourite films and it’s one of my favourites to watch as a family too – I wish my photos did this craft justice as it looks great but was a nightmare to photograph! Wait until the sun catches it though and you’ll see all the colours in it light up.

moana crafts ideas te fiti

Moana Crafts: Heart of Te Fiti Suncatcher Materials

White or green card



Sticky back plastic / contact paper

Coloured cellophane

Washi tape

Let’s make it:

Start by cutting an oval shape from your card and then cutting out the inside of the shape so that you are left with a shape that’s a centimetre or two thick. When you are cutting out the inside shape make sure that you do it safely by pushing your scissors through the card into something like playdough.

moana craft suncatcher

From the bit of card that was in the middle cut out the wave shape and some small triangle or arrow shapes.

moana craft suncatcher how to

Next lay out your sticky back plastic onto a table. Over the years I’ve found that this has a tendency to roll up a bit (it is sticky I guess!) so to hold it in place I put a bit of washi tape in each corner. Once it’s ready put your oval shape down onto the sticky back plastic and then put the wave shape in the middle of it but backwards – when you’ve finished you’ll be turning it over – add the white triangle shapes too.

moana craft for kids suncatcher

Cut some green and a little bit of blue cellophane into pieces and stick them all over your heart of Te Fiti. You can use tissue paper for suncatchers but I find that cellophane gives much brighter colours when the sun hits it!

moana craft activity

Finally place another piece of sticky back plastic over the back of your suncatcher to seal everything in place and then cut the suncatcher out so you don’t have all the excess plastic around the sides. Your heart of Te Fiti suncatcher is now ready to hang up! If you like this post don’t forget to bookmark this page or pin an image so you don’t forget to make it. Want more Moana crafts and activities? Check out the links below!

Moana crafts for kids heart of te fiti suncatcher


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