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Mess Free Christmas Tree Activity

If this mess free Christmas tree activity reminds you of our mess free autumn tree craft that’s because I’ve updated the idea for the festive season! It’s a really popular and simple idea that is both fun to do (and great if you’re having a stressful day) and it’s really easy to include lots of simple learning ideas for kids with this activity too.

mess free christmas tree activity

Mess free Christmas tree activity – materials

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Ziplock bag



Blue and yellow paint

Optional – tape

mess free christmas tree activity materials

Let’s make it

Start by drawing the outline of a Christmas tree onto your ziplock bag – you want a sandwich or a freezer bag with a sliding bit like one of these. A normal biro won’t work with this and I find that felt tip pens smudge really easily – I used one of these instead which is possibly one of the most used items in our house!

mess free christmas tree craft colour colour mixing

Next carefully put a splodge of blue and yellow paint into the centre of your bag, trying to keep it into the middle of your tree and then seal your bag up. For older kids using the zip should be fine but if you’re giving this to younger kids then I’d recommend sealing the end with some tape.

After this it’s time to try and turn your Christmas tree green! It’s a great way to do a bit of colour mixing without getting everything covered in paint. I love painting with my kids or doing sensory play activities but sometimes I just don’t have the time (or energy!) to deal with the mess so this is a great alternative.

colour mixing mess free christmas tree crafts for kids

Learning ideas for your mess free Christmas tree activity

Colour mixing is great but there’s another couple of ways that you can extend this activity with some simple but fun learning. If your child is doing mark making or is learning the alphabet then why not practice drawing lines, shapes or writing letters on your Christmas tree – t is for tree or try the first letters of their name.

christmas tree counting activity for kids

As well as mark making and letter formation this Christmas tree activity is a really good way to practice numeracy – make ‘lights’ or baubles on the tree by pressing your finger on the paint and then count them or you could use it to practice addition, if you make three lights on the tree how many more does your kid need to make to get five lights on there?

mess free christmas tree activity for kids

If you liked this activity make sure that you bookmark this page or pin the image at the bottom so that you don’t forget to make it! Want more simple winter and Christmas ideas for your kids? How about this snowflake paper plate twirler that’s a great way to practice scissor skills?

Snowflake Paper Plate Twirler 300

Or if you like creating stories how about making these fun Christmas story stones to inspire them?

christmas story stones painted rocks 300

Finally we’ve got over 40 winter activities for toddlers here so you’re bound to find an idea you love!

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mess free christmas tree activity for kids eyfs

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