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Marvel Crafts

We love Marvel crafts? Why? Because if you want kids to do crafting then you have to make it something they’re interested in! I genuinely believe that these crafts are suitable for kids of all ages (including big kids like me) and today I’m sharing lots of Marvel crafts for kids as well as a couple for adults to make too. Obviously you’re never going to give your one year old a glue gun but could they help paint some paper plates for a Hulk mask or Captain America’s shield? Absolutely!

marvel crafts avengers spiderman hulk thor captain america

Marvel Crafts

Some of these crafts are ones that I made with my kids years ago but when I went to make a couple of new images and a video they wanted to make them again, I don’t think you can ever get too old for Marvel? I’m nearly 40 and I still read comic books sometimes and anything that encourages your kids to read or be creative has to be a good thing. If you like this post and want to make sure you remember the ideas in it then make sure you bookmark this page or pin an image, plus keep reading for more comic book based crafts.

marvel crafts for kids and adults avengers

This Captain America shield DIY is one that remains popular with my kids year after year and I love that after making it they get to play with it too. You can click through to read the tutorial or watch a video of it here.

This easy paper plate Hulk mask is another one of our favourites and is great fun to play with once the paint is dry. Can’t wait for drying paint? We’ve all been there, grab some green paper plates instead.

Both my kids were so desperate to play with this paper plate Thor helmet that I really regretted not making two when we started – it’s fantastic!

Messy Little Monster has some fun superhero puppet crafts including Ironman and Captain America

Make a fun hulk handprint craft with this tutorial from Messy Little Monster

This spiderman handprint card from The Best Ideas for Kids looks amazing

Meaningful Mama has a lot of superhero paper plate masks including some very cool Captain America and Ironman ones.

Printable Crush has some amazing printables and a tutorial to make an Avengers building cake plate and I need to make these for my birthday as well as my kids.

Make a DIY avengers clipboard following this tutorial from Organized 31.

This DIY Rocket Racoon gift bag would be great for storing small toys in too.

I am in actual love with these DIY Avengers shoes from Comic Con Family which look so simple to make. I think I need some for me as well as for my kids!

Create some Infinity Stone crayons together perfect for colouring with.

The Joy of Sharing has a great tutorial on how to make your own Groot – I love that this is made from natural materials too!

More Comic Book Activities: