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Exotic Wildflower Colouring Pages

I’m really excited to share these gorgeous colouring pages for adults with you today from the book Exotic Wildflowers – Intricate Nature Designs by Karen Reyneke and Amanda Reyneke. Today I’m sharing three designs from their book with you, arum lilies, pineapple sage with pineapple lilies and Mexican sunflowers with butterflies. They’re all gorgeous and perfect for relaxing with.

Exotic wildflowers colouring pages

About Exotic Wildflowers – Intricate Nature Designs

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Filled with unique and original illustrations which capture the wondrous beauty of nature from two talented artists, Exotic Wildflowers: Intricate Nature designs offers a simple and fun way to relax and relieve stress, and will inspire you to explore your creative expression.


Tiny little flowers, flowers that bloom only during nighttime or blooms with exotic appearances, inspired these illustrations. Other illustrations were inspired by plants growing in remote areas like the Himalayas and the deserts of Africa. Nowadays some of these flowers may be found in florists or growing in your garden but their ancestors are wild and wonderful.

The book is available on Amazon and you can order your copy here.

free wildflower colouring pages for adults

Love adult colouring sheets?

I’ve shared over 200 colouring sheets on Crafts on Sea – there’s loads on this site and my favourites from elsewhere. You can check out all our colouring sheets for adults here and there’s a few for the kids too!

Download your samples from Exotic Wildflowers – Intricate Nature Designs

Click here to download the arum lilies colouring sheet

Click here to download the Mexican sunflowers with butterflies colouring sheet

Click here to download the pineapple sage with pineapple lilies colouring sheet

To purchase the Exotic Wildflowers – Intricate Nature Designs colouring book or to find out more about it click here

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