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Doily Ballerina Craft for Kids

My mild obsession with doily crafts seems no end in stopping with this sweet doily ballerina craft, inspired by my currently ballet obsessed daughter who saw this and then promptly made three wooden spoon ballerinas to take to nursery with her. Fun to make and when you’re finished it can be used as a sweet wooden spoon puppet that’s perfect for putting on twirly ballet shows!

easy ballerina craft for kids

Doily Ballerina Craft Materials

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Wooden spoon

PVA glue

Watercolour paints



Pens – I use these ones

doily wooden spoon ballerina craft for kids

Let’s Make It!

Want to see how this was made? I know I like to watch tutorials sometimes so I’ve made a little video below to show you. Prefer to read the instructions? You’ll find them just below.

First start by painting your doily, of course this isn’t essential, you could use a plain white doily or you can buy coloured doilies but these are super easy if you would like to paint them as the watercolours dry really quickly.

Once your paint is dry fold the doily into quarters and then snip the top off. Thread your wooden spoon into the doily tutu through the gap in the top and then glue the wooden spoon into place also glue closes the top part of the tutu which will still be hanging open.

Finally it’s time to draw on your ballerinas face, I used these pens which I find show much brighter colours than normal felt tips. Your ballerina is now finished and perfect for a little puppet show!

Like this craft? Make sure that you bookmark this page or pin an image so that you don’t forget to make it.¬† Want more fun ideas for crafts to make? We’ve got your back! Just check out the ideas at the bottom of this page for more inspiration.

ballerina crafts for kids doily

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