Marbled Dinosaur Messy Play Painting

Painting with foam is a great way for kids to get a hands on messy play or sensory play and as the mother of a three year old boy I know how popular dinosaurs are! Believe me I’ve learned more about dinosaurs in the last year than I did in the previous 35! This dinosaur messy play painting creates a cute marbling effect that you will want to use yourself once the kids are in bed.

dinosaur messy play painting using marbled foamWhat you need:


An old baking tray or similar

Shaving foam

Food colouring (We used the liquid ones)

Toothpick / spoon etc

Squeegee or…uhhh…credit card

Googly eyes and glue

How to make your super cool dinosaur painting:

Cut out some dinosaur shapes. I just googled ‘dinosaur silhouette’ and managed ok, my drawing is normally a bit haphazard but my son was willing to accept them as a Tyrannosaurus Rex and Diplodocus.

diplodocus dinosaur messy play marbled foam painting

Squeeze a load of foam onto your baking tray and then put drops of food colouring all over it. Using whatever apparatus your kids will agree to then mix the food colouring around in the foam. I wanted to use a toothpick, my son wanted to use a spoon. If you want to make this into super messy play then you can of course use hands, hands will get dyed but this will come off when you wash them From recollection the liquid food colourings wash off way better than the gel ones (fondly remembers previous Lady Macbeth issues…)

When you are finished swirling your coloured foam place your dinosaur shape onto the foam and push it down. Lift it out of your tray and then wipe all the foam away using a squeegee or similar. Yep a credit card is probably not ideal but it worked! You will now be left with a really cool marbling effect on your dinosaur!

If you want you can now add googly eyes and glue or draw on a face to your dinosaur.

I like to think that this is what dinosaurs really looked like!

T Rex dinosaur messy play painting idea for kids

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