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Glittery Christmas Star Suncatcher

Along with 30 other bloggers I’m taking part in the Story Book Advent on Rainy Day Mum. We love doing crafts that tie in with the stories we’re reading and for this I thought we’d try to make a glittery Christmas star suncatcher to go with the story Suzy Goose and the Christmas Star. This is a really fun Christmas star craft for preschoolers as long as you are prepared to wipe up a bit of glitter!

christmas star craft for preschoolers*This post contains affiliate links*

Suzy Goose and the Christmas Star is a new book to us this year but one that we’re really enjoying. It’s by Petr Horacek who has been a bit of a revelation to us in the last month as he is all sorts of awesome! My son was also given his book Puffin Peter  at his playgroup which is by the same author, for some reason I wasn’t sure it would appeal to him but he loves that too!

The front of Suzy Goose and the Christmas Star has a tactile glittery star on it, so I put my brave girl pants on and cracked out the glitter. Needless to say it ended up all over both kids!


suzy goose and the Christmas star


Black paper or card

Yellow cellophane (you can use tissue paper but cellophane is infinitely better in my opinion.)

Two pieces of sticky back plastic / contact paper

Gold glitter


materials for christmas star craft

How to make your glittery Christmas star suncatcher:

I cut out the star shape from black card. The one in Suzy Goose and the Christmas Star is spikey and not perfectly symmetrical which suits my skills perfectly!

We then placed the star shape on one piece of sticky back plastic. This stuff has a tendency to curl up and stick to everything so I always use a bit of washi tape to stick each corner down.

We then cut out some shapes from the yellow cellophane and stuck them onto our star.

Then the glitter! I actually thought that this might be done carefully. And to think I’ve been a parent for nearly four years 😉 It was lots of fun though, proper toddler stuff and Batman also joined in wanting to skate in it. Can’t complain when your kids are being creative!

making a christmas star craft for preschoolers

Once that’s done all that needs doing is putting the other piece of sticky back plastic onto it to seal it and you can then cut around your star shape.

If you want to hang it in the window just use a needle and thread to give you a loop to hang it from. You’ll have to excuse the less than bright picture, the British weather is not the bloggers friend! I think that this suncatcher still helps to cheer the place up though 🙂

Suzy Goose and The Christmas Star Preschooler Craft Idea

And that’s it! We love Suzy Goose and the Christmas Star, what are your families favorite Christmas stories?

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  1. channon
    3rd December 2014 / 11:58 am

    Love it. This would be so pretty in our window by the Christmas tree. This book was added to our reading list. Pinning, too!

  2. 3rd December 2014 / 10:32 pm

    I think the glitter is very effective and I just adore your suncatcher. Thank you for joining in with this weeks #frugalfamilylinky!

  3. 4th December 2014 / 10:53 am

    What a lovely idea and the star looks great in the window. I bet it was fun to make too with all that glitter!
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsbeKids

  4. 4th December 2014 / 1:03 pm

    This looks gorgeous (I think you all, including Batman, did a great job)!

    • 4th December 2014 / 7:23 pm

      Ha! Batman ALWAYS does a great job!

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