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I love sharing sensory play ideas for kids and with the weather warming up (well, except for today when it’s tipping it down) I thought it would be good to share some summer sensory play ideas and activities. Of course, even if the weather is less than awesome you can still do these – what would be a better way to cheer your kids up on a gloomy day? And if the weather is good? Well these ideas will be pretty much perfect!

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Last week I shared a cute sea shell whale craft and this week it’s time to share one of the other creations from my sea shell haul – this super cute sea shell lion! I know that lions are perhaps the first thing you think of when thinking about sea shell crafts but once I got the idea for this in my head I knew we had to make it!

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During the summer I’m generally in favour of opening the doors to the garden and letting my kids run riot, to me having fun is the most important thing a kid can do! However, the sensible mummy side to me does like to sneak a bit of learning in when I can, I’m not a fan of worksheets (though I do love the more educational comics) so it has to be something that the kids will find fun too! Playing with sand is one of my kids favourite things to do during warm weather so with that in mind I thought I’d share some educational sand play ideas, There’s some great ideas you can do indoors too so even if the weather isn’t that great you can still have fun!

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This weekend we had a brilliant day out at a beach hut on Mersea Island. It was so chilled out, nothing to do but chill in a deck chair while the kids played with buckets and spades and hunted for crabs. During the week we’d been sent a copy of ‘The Beach Book’ to review, a lovely book that’s full of ideas for things that you can do at the beach without needing any special materials or spending any cash. We love sea crafts for kids¬†and as we had all day to laze around I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to try out some fun beach activities for kids from the book!

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If you’re anything like me you’ll be looking forward to the summer holidays with a sense of excitement and mild fear. Hurray you get to spend more time with your kids but, uh-oh! How on earth are you going to cope all summer now the Big Kids are everywhere and oh my days how are you going to afford it too?! I love looking through summer bucket lists and bored jar lists for ideas on what to do with my kids, but as they’re often aimed at older kids they’re not always that great for me, I can’t tell my preschooler to go read a book or write messages in invisible ink! With that in mind I thought I’d share some ideas for a summer bucket list for preschoolers, this isn’t possibly the one my kids would write (that’d include EuroDisney, Alton Towers and Legoland) but it does have loads of achievable but fun things to do with your kids. I’m sure there’s lots of them that you could do with older kids too and do feel free to leave your own ideas at the end – us parents have got to help each other!

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