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Up until now I’ve avoided making a sensory bin for my children at all. I love looking at ideas for activities for toddlers and sensory play but sometimes I can feel a bit overwhelmed by it and like I have to produce something amazing otherwise my kids won’t like it. Sometimes though the simple ideas can be the best. During a playdate the other week my four year old son and his friend were busy being four year olds and as such, my one year old daughter and her two year old friend needed occupying. I put together this simple Easter sensory bin for toddlers in about two minutes and they loved it!

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We love decorating our home for each of the seasons and any big celebrations and to me wreath crafts are a perfect way to do that! These fun Easter wreath craft ideas for kids will make your home look ready for a visit from the Easter Bunny and hopefully keep your kids occupied with something other than thinking about Easter chocolates!

Easter Wreath Craft Ideas for Kids

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This week we’ve got started on making some simple decorations for Easter with this fun Easter egg wreath craft. My son and I sat down and made it together but as it requires a few Easter eggs to be decorated this could be a nice Easter activity for playdates, playgroups or Sunday Schools too. I drew mine freehand but I’ve included a free downloadable template for anyone who prefers!

Easter Egg Wreath Craft Crafts on Sea

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kids washi tape easter eggsYesterday stuck for something to do I thought it would be fun to decorate some Easter eggs with The Toddler. Naturally my first idea was a disaster so I had to quickly think of something else I had around the house. Washi tape! Of course!! I wasn’t sure if he’d fancy it but these washi tape Easter eggs were super popular with him.  View Post