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Washi Tape Shamrocks

These washi tape shamrocks look super simple but there’s actually a lot more going on with them than you might first think. Add in the fact that they look pretty and that you can easily use these to make a sweet St Patricks Day garland and you have a cute St Patricks Day craft that’s perfect for kids to make.

shamrock craft for kids

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You will need:

Green card


Green washi tapes


Bakers twine – optional

Let’s make it:

I found these washi tapes this weekend at B&M and had to grab them, if you have one near you they’re only £1.99 for 13 tapes and while they may not be as amazing quality as my favourite maste washi tapes, they’re perfectly good enough for the kids to craft with.

We started by cutting a shamrock shape out of green card and then both my kids (and me) set about decorating them with the tape. Tearing the wash tape is really good for fine motor skills and using it to decorate the shamrocks takes a decent amount of concentration too. It was really interesting to see the differences between how my three year old daughter decorated her shamrocks and how my son, 6, did his, you could certainly see that as he was older he was far more interested in making a pattern where as my daughter was happy just to pop the tape on there.

st patricks day kids craft washi tape

By the way, if it looks like we’re living in a building site right now? That’s totally because we are living in a building site right now – house renovations are fun! Hopefully we should all be sorted by the time St Patricks Day arrives though. If you’d like to make your washi tape shamrocks into a garland all you need to do is string them together using some bakers twine and a bit of tape on the back to hold them in place.

washi tape shamrocks st patricks day craft for kids

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