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Washi Tape Fall Leaves Craft

I have a little confession to make. Don’t tell anyone? Promise? Ok, I am a bit addicted to washi tape. It’s so pretty and it’s perfect for making crafts for toddlers too. To be honest though (and oh, this pains me to type it) I probably don’t get to use it as much as I should. All well and good but if I don’t use my existing stash of washi tape how can I justify buying anymore?! You see my problem, right? I knew you would. Thankfully (and I use that term loosely) help has come in the form of my kids who appear to have inherited my great love of the washi. I’m not sure if I should be pleased or not?! Either way my toddler was very keen to make this washi tape fall leaves craft!

washi tape fall leaves craft for kids

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You will need

Coloured card or paper


Washi tape in different colours – if you don’t have a stash at home (or, uhh, want to build on yours) starter packs like this are great


Lets make it now!

Cut some leaf shapes out of your coloured card. I went for a really simple shape for this craft with my nearly ¬†two year old but if you’re doing this for lots of kids then it would be fun to cut out lots of different shapes, perhaps you could turn it into a tree afterwards!

kids fall leaves craft

If you’re making this with older kids then tearing washi tape off the roll is a great way for kids to improve their tearing skills which are great for fine motor while younger kids like mine will be happy for you to do the tearing and pass it over. For kids washi has the same appeal as stickers and my daughter loved decorating her leaves with the different colours.

I did try and explain to her that different colours spread out nicely on different leaves would look more Pinterest friendly but strangely she didn’t seem that bothered by that and instead opted for her favourite ‘pile all the stuff on top of each other’ form of decorating. As you can see though she seems to have matched quite a lot of the washi to the leaves the same colour, meaning that you could also use this as an activity to help teach colour matching.¬†Using washi tape in crafts for kids is also great for kids that like sticking but aren’t keen on the feel of glue.

If your kids enjoyed this craft make sure you check out my new book 30 Halloween Crafts for Kids which is full of fun, achievable and cool ideas!

washi tape fall leaves craft for kids square

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  1. 4th October 2015 / 4:21 pm

    Such a sweet idea for Autumn! A whole tree would look so pretty : )

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