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Scented Puffy Paint Flowers

I love sharing sensory play ideas for kids and making puffy paint has been on my to do list for a while and when we finally got to try it out the other day I thought I’d try and give it a little twist: making scented puffy paint! We made these sweet puffy paint flowers and they smell like flowers too, how cool is that! Even better is that pretty much everything you’ll need to make these is probably in your cupboards already.

scented puffy paint flowers


3/4 Cup Shaving Foam

1/4 Cup White Glue


1/4 Cup Plain Flour

Food Colouring

Rose Essence (in the baking aisle)

Coloured Card

Making scented puffy paint:

I’m going to start by saying that my list of materials here is a bit rough, because that’s exactly what happens when you get a four year old to measure out things like shaving foam for you, but that’s part of the fun, right? We made two separate puffy paints, one for my son and one for my 18 month old daughter. I also finally had the common sense to put her in an apron before she started painting, a good idea as if you follow me on Instagram you might have seen how messy this got! My son measured out all the ingredients and we carefully mixed them together. We used yellow food colouring for my daughters and red for his, but for some reason the red didn’t take? We decided to make it green instead which is why it looks a slightly sludgey colour. Our two mixtures must have differed slightly as while my sons puffy paint was quite smooth, my daughters had the colour and consistency of scrambled egg!

how to make scented puffy paintI’m going to add here that obviously, if you are doing this activity with little ones like I did please supervise them the whole time. My daughter has been going through a stage of taste testing everything (play dough, sand, more play dough) and I was very relieved that she didn’t try to eat this as eating glue is never cool. Thankfully at 4 my son is well over this stage!

Adding rose essence to this and turning it into scented puffy paint gave this activity an extra dimension, as well as having paint that looked and felt differently, it also smelt differently. My kids had a great time using paint brushes, spatulas and their fingers to experiment with using the two different puffy paints.

painting with scented puffy paintThis was a bit of a messy activity, but I managed to get both the kids and my dinning room clean and tidy within ten minites and then all that was left was to wait for the paint to dry so we could cut out some shapes. I think that puffy paint flowers seemed pretty appropriate? These would look lovely on a Mothers Day or Birthday Card too!

scented puffy paint flowers for kids

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