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New Years Eve Firework Craft for Kids

This easy firework craft is so simple and so good – perfect for New Years Eve or you could use it for the Fourth of July or Bonfire Night too! I’ll be sharing how you can adapt this craft so that it’s suitable for younger kids or older ones too as well as some more of our favourite crafts and activities for New Years Eve.

printed firework craft for kids easy

Easy Firework Craft for Kids

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new years eve craft for kids easy

To make this craft start with some black paper or card, I find that cardstock tends to be better at coping with large amounts of glue or paint so if you’re working with young kids then it’s a good choice. To make your exploding fireworks cut slits into the end of paper straws and cardboard tubes, folding the cut strips outwards to make a firework shape. Older kids can do this themselves but you may need to do it for younger kids.

Put some paint onto a plate and then dip your firework stamps into them before using them to stamp them onto your black card. I’ve used gold and silver paints from Helix but these look similar and otherwise I’m sure anything bright would work well.

firework craft toilet roll straw

Next up is the firework itself. For older kids this is a good way to practice scissor skills, they can cut the whole shape out as one piece from coloured paper and could also decorate the firework, perhaps by writing the year on it or adding a new years resolution. For toddlers or younger kids you could cut the shapes out for them (a triangle and two rectangles) and it’s a good opportunity to discuss what each shape is called while they glue their firework into their night sky.

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