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Paper Plate Collage Earth Day Craft

I’m a bit in love with this Earth Day craft – it’s so simple but it’s a great way to upcycle any old magazines and it’s easily adapted for younger or older kids. This paper plate collage is a great way to practice scissor skills and it’s pretty enough to be displayed with pride on your kids wall afterwards!

paper plate collage earth day craft

Paper Plate Earth Day Craft Materials:

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Paper plate


Blue paint



Old magazines / leaflets

paper plate earth collage materials

Let’s make it!

To start with you need to paint your paper plate with blue paint. My tip for good coverage with paint is to finger paint rather than use a paintbrush but with two kids of my own I appreciate that that’s not everyone’s favourite way to get their kids to paint! If you’d rather minimise the mess (or aren’t that worries about making things look Pinterest-perfect) then using a paintbrush is absolutely fine. If your kids can’t wait for paint to dry (again, I’ve been there) then a good alternative could be colouring the paper plates in with a blue pen or for super quickness you could buy some blue paper plates. We’re currently using these pens as I find them the easiest to wash off my kids hands and clean off our table!

painted paper plate earth collage kids

Next up find a magazine or leaflet that contains a lot of green – we’d grabbed this one in Lidl as we wanted to look at all the camping stuff which meant that it had lots of grass in it too – perfect! Cut up the green bits of paper into shapes, as well as being good for scissor skills picking up and sticking the little bits of paper is really good for fine motor skills too. Older kids will be able to deal with smaller bits of paper while younger ones might appreciate bigger shapes.

Next up you want to make your continents. Rather than glue each square of paper individually I found it easier to roughly draw some continents with a glue stick onto the paper plate and then stick the pieces of paper onto there.

earth day collage kids

I must admit that I did originally plan to finish this craft there but then I had the idea of adding a heart – after all this is an Earth Day craft and is about loving our planet! Cut some more shapes out of red paper and then make a heart shape in the middle of your paper plate using the same technique.

If you like this Earth Day craft make sure that you bookmark this page or pin the image below so that you don’t forget to make it. Want more Earth Day craft ideas? These pretty Earth suncatchers are always popular and look really pretty hung up in windows.

earth suncatchers square 300

Or if you have more paper plates around how about this earth craft which uses left over bubble wrap?

earth craft paper plate square 300

Finally we’ve got over 30 Earth Day crafts for toddlers to inspire you, perfect for inspiring young (and older!) minds.

earth day activities for toddlers square 300

earth day craft for kids easy paper plate collage

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