The Year I Make It Happen

So, it’s three weeks into the New Year which means we’re all pretty much over our New Years resolutions, right?!

I’m doing… average. The Husband runs personal development courses at his work so I know that one of the main things to keep yourself on track with your goals is to keep them realistic. As such, officially I have not told myself that this will be the year that I go on a hot date with James McAvoy, go on holiday to Barbados, become Prime Minister or get offered a six figure book deal. I wouldn’t turn any of them down, mind you (hey, I *might* even accept a five figure book deal) but I’m not going to cry if I don’t get to go to Barbados this year.

Lloyds make things happen

For me, having goals is all about being realistic, allowing yourself to change and most importantly, having some fun while you do it! Because who wants to be miserable? I was asked to try out the Make It Happen app on from Lloyds Bank and I have to say I really liked it. You can choose what your plan is and for mine I choose to do up my kitchen. It’s not awful but its just a bit…..boring. I’m sure a couple of little DIY craft projects could make it much nicer! What I liked though was that rather than just saying ‘go do it then’, the app then gives you some ideas, so in my case some hints from Sarah Beeny and, bliss, links to ideas on Pinterest.

Of course I had loads of other plans for the year. Plan number one was to lose all my baby weight by February and then do a shiny new profile picture of super slim and foxy post-baby me. I went running, or at least jog / walking. I did the 30 Day Shred. I totally did my body in so that the area around my c-section now aches like it did two weeks after surgery and pushing the buggy down the road hurts. Oops. Not so realistic.

So I sat myself down and had a word with myself. Like many other people I have a word of the year and mine is enjoy. Did I enjoy my jog? Yes, but am I enjoying the results of it? Umm, nope. So exercise has had to go for now and as dieting turns me into the most miserable grouchy woman on the planet,¬† I won’t be doing that ta. Not enjoyable for anyone. Instead I’m just going to try and be happy with how I am, I did grow an actual human being after all.

As well as my plan for the kitchen I set myself another target, this one is realistic, achievable and, most importantly, something that I’m really going to enjoy! I’m going to go on the helter skelter with my son. All last year I wanted to do it and all last year my bump was too big or I wasn’t strong enough to help him up the steps. This is the year I will make it happen, this is a year I’m determind to enjoy. And in case you’re wondering, I’ve changed my profile picture to how I look now. Becuse as much as your goals have to be realistic, your life has to be too.

This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own as is my desire to change things and make them nicer! You can try out the Make It Happen App over here.


  1. 22nd January 2014 / 12:31 pm

    Good for you! I love your goal to go on the helter skelter, if a goal is something you know you will enjoy then you are much more likely to make it happen =) x

  2. 22nd January 2014 / 10:30 pm

    Making a baby is such a gift and whatever shape it leaves our bodies we need to remember to celebrate the amazing feat it completed.

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