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paper plate cat

Paper Plate Cat Twirler

Make this cute paper plate cat craft that you can play with too.
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Keyword: animals, paper plate crafts
Activity Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Author: Kate Williams


  • Scissors
  • Sellotape
  • Double sided sellotape
  • Colouring pens or pencils (optional)
  • Wool
  • Card


  • Paper plate


  • Start by colouring in your paper plate. Of course this step is totally optional but I knew that my daughter liked ginger and white cats so that's what I made.
    paper plate cat orange stripes
  • Next up is to cut a spiral shape into your paper plate working from the outside in. You want quite a large width to this or your paper plate will end up getting tangled up, too wide though and your plate won't really hang. Just do your best! Make sure that you leave room in the middle of the paper plate to make your cats face.
    how to make a paper plate twirler
  • Take the middle part of your paper plate and hold it up so you can see how it hangs naturally. Now turn the paper plate over and attach a loop of wool or string to the back of the plate here using sellotape. This can be used later to hang up your paper plate twirler or just to hold onto when it's played with.
    how to hang a paper plate twirler
  • From your card cut out cat ears and paws and decorate them. These can be attached to your cat paper plate using double sided tape.
  • Finally draw on your cat's face and your craft is finished.


I've found in the past that when I need to explain how to cut a spiral into paper plates to my kids that the best way to describe it to them is it looking like a snail shell.
You can of course use glue rather than double sided tape as I've done here, I just find that my kids like to play with something straight away rather than waiting for glue to dry and this tape can be a bit sturdier when it's played with so less likely to fall apart.
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