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paper plate butterfly craft

Paint Splat Paper Plate Butterfly

Make these simple paper plate butterflies which are perfect as a spring or summer craft for kids.
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Prep Time: 5 minutes
Activity Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Author: Kate Williams


  • Kids paint
  • Scissors
  • Double sided sellotape
  • Black marker


  • 2 Paper plates


  • Take one of the paper plates and fold it in half.
    paper plate craft ideas
  • Squirt some coloured paint inside the plate. If you find that the paint comes out too easily this way then you can also use a paint brush to put some paint on one side of the plate.
    paint splat paper plate crafts
  • Fold you paper plate in half again and rub your hand across the top of the closed plate to make the paint splat effect. Open the plate back up and leave to dry.
    paper plate paint splat
  • Once the paint on your paper plate is dry cut the paper plate in half along the line where it was previously folded.
    how to make paper plate butterflies
  • Now take your scissors and cut butterfly wing shapes into the paper plates, these should be on the straight side, leaving the curved sides of the plate as they are.
    how to make a butterfly from paper plates
  • Stick the two halves together using double sided sellotape and with the two curved sides connecting.
  • Next cut the main part of your butterfly's body out from another paper plate. I've done this so that the antennae are on the curved part of the plate and therefore stick out.
  • Using markers or a pencil draw on a face to your butterfly.
    paper plate butterfly face
  • Using double sided sellotape, stick the butterflies body onto the wings of your butterfly craft.
    how to make a paper plate butterfly for kids


How much paint you use will obviously determine how long this craft will take to dry. Of the two crafts shown here the one with a lot of paint took much longer to dry. Having said that, I love the effect of lots of colour covering the butterfly!
You might also want to be aware that putting a lot of paint on your paper plate means that it is more likely to spill out when you close it. Be sure that you have some kind of covering on your table to protect it from this.
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