Supporting small businesses and small people

So, I know it seems ages ago now, but who can remember the weekend? Bit grotty on Saturday wasn’t it? Not helped by having a small person around that was feeling a bit grotty too. My parenting experience is limited to the last couple of years, but I’d say that as far as I can work out, people under the age of five catch a cold on the 1st September and it doesn’t go again until the 31st July the next year. I seem to be permanently wiping a small person’s nose at the moment which is one of the lesser commented on joys of parenting.

As luck would have it though, an escape route was available less than 5 minutes away from my home in the form of a new children’s bookshop, Jacqson Diego. Now, Westcliff is a funny old place. Some parts are listed as among the most deprived in the country, other parts have people with swimming pools in their garden. Its a weird mix but to be honest I quite like it for that.

And I know we should support local businesses, but I can’t say I always do it. As a ex-second hand book dealer I always buy books for me from Amazon. Always. And in fairness, I do think Amazon really supports second hand book sellers, it’s where I used to make the majority of my sales. I think children’s books are different though. If I’m buying a children’s book I want to have a look through it, how many words are there on a page? Does it have bits my son can touch? Will he like the pictures? Will I still like it when I have to read it for the 500th time? That last one’s a biggie, right?! 

 So Saturday morning, me, the small person and the husband all troop in for their storytime. They read the Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson (which I loved) and then the children get to make their own paper dolls. Well, my son scribbled a bit on the table and then desperately scrambled for the scissors but hey, he’s not quite two yet. He was interested in getting to join in though, so obviously he’s a bit of a crafter too.

The grizzles returned but the Husband found and duly purchased a copy of That’s Not My Robot and even though we ended up leaving a bit earlier than planned, that book was carried all the way home by my son. And he’s still obsessed with reading it now.

Sometimes it’s good to stay local, and support the good things around you. I aim to craft myself a better life, and part of that is creating a better area to live in too.

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  1. 15th November 2012 / 2:14 pm

    Aw, Kate, what a great post. I didn’t know about this place and will definitely go to visit. Thank you for a lovely read.

    • Kate
      15th November 2012 / 7:18 pm

      Cheers m’dears! Honestly it is a fabulous shop, the first time I went in I asked what chain they were with because it looks so professional. Much friendlier than un-nameable high street book shops too 😉

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