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Snowflake Paper Plate Twirler

We love sharing paper plate crafts and I think this snowflake paper plate twirler might be my new favourite thing? Not only is it a great way to promote scissor skills it’s good for fine motor skills too and did I mention it looks pretty? It looks super pretty, imagine a ton of these hanging up in your home or classroom all spinning around!

Snowflake Paper Plate Twirler

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Paper Plate Snowflake Twirler

Me and my daughter made these fun snowflake paper plate whirligigs after preschool – it’s the perfect craft for her as she’s obsessed with ‘making’ things at the moment and I know that she can’t resist stickers! I really struggled to find snow stickers that I liked in our local shops (and I hunted while we were on holiday too! I get kinda obsessed with these things) but if you have more time to prepare than I did then these ones look perfect or maybe these if you are buying for a large group.

Snowflake Paper Plate Twirler kids can make

I’m not sure if the right name for these paper plate crafts is twirler or whirligig but whatever it is I know that they’re good fun. We shared a space themed twirler inspired by Goodnight Spaceman recently but I’ve also seen this rather lovely autumn tree whirligig from Red Ted Art that would be really good as a Thanksgiving craft too.

Because I know that preschoolers aren’t always the most amazing people at waiting for paint to dry (and who is?) I painted these paper plates in advance. If you have kids who are a bit better at waiting then go ahead and get them to paint them or you could save some time and hassle buy buying some blue paper plates.

Cut your blue paper plate in a spiral shape going from the outside in, this is a great one for kids to practice their scissor skills but younger ones might need a hand to make sure they don’t chop off the end of the paper plate. Next it’s time to decorate and add your snowflake stickers, we had some snowman stickers too and my daughter added those to hers as well.

Snowflake Paper Plate Twirler pre-k

Next is adding your string to your whirligig so that it can spin around. Using scissors make a hole in the centre of your paper plate,  I normally get my kids to copy what I learnt there and put the paper plate onto a bit of playdoh and push the scissors through which stops kids jabbing themselves with the scissors. We’re out of playdoh right now so we did the same thing but with our beloved box of kinetic sand and that worked perfectly too.

Push your string through the hole, tying a knot underneath and your whirligig is now ready for spinning, perfect for hanging from the ceiling as a Christmas decoration too!

More Winter crafts and Activities

This mess free snowflake sensory bag is a good way to practice counting, de-stress or just have a play with!

snowflake sensory bag 300

A bit of a variation on a classic craft, these paper plate snowflakes are a good way to use up the leftovers in your craft cupboard too

paper plate snowflakes 300

Who can resist a snowglobe?! Not me that’s for sure and these snowglobe crafts for kids are pretty much perfect too.

snowglobe crafts for kids 300



  1. 8th November 2017 / 8:54 pm

    So simple but so effective. I love things that you can make yourself at home.

  2. 10th November 2017 / 9:01 am

    Really simple to make, but I think they’d look really effective hung from the ceiling. A perfect way to decorate a play room or nursery.

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