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Planning a Spring Garden

Advert. The weather outside is awful which means I’m sat inside today doing one of my favourite things, planning what I’m going to do when the weather improves! Over the last couple of years we’ve been slowly improving our garden, we’ve re-turfed areas, knocked down walls and repainted sheds and now it’s finally ready to get onto the final stages and get some furniture sorted. Having spent so long getting the area ready I really want to finish it all properly and so today I’m sharing some ideas from The Garden Furniture and Interiors Company about some furniture that would be perfect.

Living in a Victorian property I prefer to go for traditional, classic styles where possible. The Alexander Rose Roble range would be a great fit for us with it’s pale yellow wood that will age to a silver colour over time. I’m a great believer in buying products that will last so it’s good to know that the range comes with a ten year warranty and a predicted life span of twenty five years or over.


I love their garden benches especially the folding bench – the sun seems to move quite swiftly across our garden and I like the idea that I could easily fold this up and move it back into the sun if needs be or to wherever the kids want to play. I’m also a big fan of eating out as soon as the weather warms up and so the Alexander Rose Roble sofa set would be great – it looks perfect for chilled out al fresco meals with nothing too heavy but lots of snacks that I could pop on the coffee table. Certainly the kind of dining that my kids prefer too!

Are you looking forward to getting out in your garden again too? I’d love to know who else has plans for their outside space next year.

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