Making handmade and buying handmade

A little while ago I sold some jewellery through etsy. Unlike other sales I’ve made it sits in your paypal account and, well, to be honest I kind of forgot about it. Then after the tragic tale of the drunk bunny I thought well, that’s it for now. No more selling for me for a bit. Might as well shut up shop until April.

And then I remembered the money still sat in paypal and I thought actually, rather than spending it on the gas bill, rather than it getting inhaled in Starbucks, rather than it disappearing back into my bank and being lost at the petrol pump, I’d like to make the most of that bit of money and buy something else on etsy with it.

So I bought this little beauty from Cari-Jane Hakes which I’d admired on her blog a while ago.

I love that it’s the only one in the world. And I love that I know the person who made it and that other people on her blog and pinterest admired it and now it’s mine. And there isn’t another one quite the same as it in the whole world. And that’s the big difference between buying something handmade and buying something from the high street.

I find myself wondering what Cari will do with that little bit of money in a way that I’ve never wondered what Philip Green does with all the cash he’s had off me over the years (he sure as anything hasn’t invested back through his taxes) Will it be sensibly paying her etsy fees? Maybe a nice bottle of wine with the shopping? Maybe she’ll invest the money back into supporting handmade crafts too. Who knows.

And then, at the weekend I spoke to someone wearing something I’d made. They were interested in buying more. No can do, I say. Don’t say that, the husband says, just buy the silversmithing tools to use at home. And so I did and now I can start again. Happy days!

When you buy something handmade you don’t buy an item, but you buy the thoughts, dreams and ideas of someone too. That’s got to beat the high street any day.

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