How to make very cute Christmas pics with PicMonkey

Last week I had no internet. So no craft blogging for me. But instead I found that I was still sharing ideas just as much, but this time verbally. I introduced a friend to Pinterest. Did a group order for some gorgeous fabric. Set up a craft group at work. It was my birthday and one friend sent me a gorgeous handmade card, another bought me a book on quilting. I was one happy lady. While at work I discovered a friend could access PicMonkey on her computer while I couldn’t. I love picmonkey, she had never heard of it. This is the tutorial I gave her on how to make some cute Christmas pictures that you can use to make personalised Christmas cards for the grandparents. She is now a picmonkey convert too so I’m hoping this will help someone else too, for the people out there that I don’t bump into over a cup of tea.

1) Choose your picture. I took this picture of my son on my phone. It’s cute (because he is cute) but it’s not that Christmassy and you can’t see him that well




2) Go to PicMonkey and choose the ‘edit a photo’ option. Add your photo. Because this picture seems a bit big to me I then chose to ‘crop’ it and clicked the button to scale the photo



3) Next click on the effects button (a little chemistry pot) Choose an effect you like, I’ve chosen Intrepid because I think it gives it a nice vintage look without being too over the top (don’t worry, I’ll do over the top in a minute) 



4) The next bit you want is Themes (that little snowflake down the bottom) and then Winterland. Then choose a frame, I’ve gone for the super cute snowflake one and kept it as white.




5) Next add your text, I’ve used Scripting Pro and have obviously aimed this at the grandparents as they are the people most likely to a) go ‘awww’ and b) fill my glass with sparkly booze come Christmastime.




6) Now for your overlays. I’ve gone for the snowflakes and have faded them slightly.





7) For your final bit of over the top bling (hey, it is Christmas) Add the snowfall effect. Lush. And guaranteed to raise a smile this Christmas. Now all you need to do is print your picture, or for extra thrifty chic send it as an e-card.


  1. 28th November 2012 / 4:12 pm

    That is cute! Thanks for sharing.

    • Kate
      28th November 2012 / 10:31 pm

      Thank you 🙂

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