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There are few things that are more special than a handmade gift, created with love and care. Whether you’re on a budget or just want to do things differently, there are loads of cool ideas that you can make yourself. If you thought homemade gifts were simply paper mache and macaroni necklaces from kids- think again! Here are a few things to consider.

gift ideas hamper


The great thing about hampers is they can be customized and tailored to whatever the person you’re gifting to likes. You could put together items based on a theme: coffee, tea, alcohol or chocolate. You could even include a gift voucher if you wanted to bump up the value. It works for both genders, makes an awesome gift for all occasions. They can be put together for children for Halloween or Christmas Eve, or created for parents with a baby on the way. If you’re creating your own hamper, you could mix and match and put a few different things that you think they will like into the basket. Wrap it all up with cellophane and put a bow on top for an impressive looking finish. If you want to get some ideas (or fancy purchasing a hamper instead of making it yourself) check out a company like Under Fine Wraps. The hampers for men are particularly useful, as we all know how difficult it is buying gifts for males!


Handmade jewellery makes a gorgeous gift. It’s personal, it’s something that can be kept, and even if they’re the kind of person that already owns everything, they can’t possibly own this! Source some materials from eBay or Etsy, packs of jewellery findings, aren’t expensive. You can also get unique looking stones and extras to make the piece. Put the time and effort in to make sure it’s really sturdy and well made, and present it in a nice box. You could choose stones to represent their birthstone, their favourite colour or just create a piece you know they will love based on their style. There are tonnes of tutorials and things on Youtube and blogs to give you ideas. You don’t need to rule out jewellery if you’re making a gift for a guy, leather bracelets are very stylish and easy to make, and you only need a minimal amount of materials.

handmade gift ideas food

Baked Goods

Are you a keen baker? Baked goods make a fantastic gift. They might not be sentimental as you can’t exactly keep them, but like any homemade present, they really show thought care and effort. You could buy a pretty box and fill it with homemade cookies or cupcakes. If you’re more experienced in the kitchen, you could make fancy pastries or macarons. Alternatively, you could bake a larger cake and really have fun decorating it. It will look so impressive, and since it’s cake it’s always going to go down well!

homemade gifts drink

Infused Spirits

Let’s face it, alcohol is a great gift when you’re not sure what else to get someone. But if it feels a little impersonal, why not try changing it up it a bit? You can buy glass flip top bottles from places like Ikea or Amazon really cheaply which are perfect for this. Start with a bottle of their favourite spirits and infuse them with matching herbs, fruits, and spices. Since vodka is neutral, it will pair with the most combinations. But gin, whiskey, brandy, and rum can also be used. Choose from things like rosemary, elderflower, lavender, mint, coconut, citrus fruits, ginger, nutmeg, and cardamom. The combinations are endless, so have a look online for some infusion recipes if you aren’t sure. After infusing, pour the mixture into the flip top bottle you have purchased and decorate with pretty labels and ribbons. It’s alcohol so is always going to be well received, but you’ve added your own spin on it and made it a little more personal too. Perfect for them to add to their bar cart or to a cocktail station at a party.

Love Jar

This is a great, low budget idea for your significant other. Maybe you’ve agreed not to buy each other gifts for things like anniversaries or Valentines Day, or perhaps you just want an extra sentimental little present to go along with some other things. All you need is an empty glass jar (recycle one from your kitchen if you’re not looking to spend money). Otherwise, you can buy mason jars cheaply from just about anywhere. Get three different coloured pieces of paper- on one colour write lots of little moments and memories from the past that will put a smile on their face when they remember them. On another write quotes and lyrics that remind you of them, and on the third colour write all of the reasons why you love them. Cut all of the notes up into individual pieces, and put them into the jar. Stick a label on the side explaining what each colour is, and they can grab one each day and read a sweet message from you. You could decorate the jar however you wanted or just leave it plain, either way, it’s a great budget idea that you can put together without any crafting knowledge.

Cuddly Toy

If you’re good at knitting or needlework, a cuddly toy is a cute gift that’s sure to be cherished. Whether it’s for a new baby or a loved one, a teddy bear or stuffed toy is a lovely present to receive. Check out knitting patterns and patterns for sewing using fabric online. There are lots of tutorials for things like sock monkeys which look really effective when they’re done. Just be careful of sewing on buttons and other extras if it’s a gift for a baby or a young child. You might need to sew on features using thread instead.

If you’re unsure, before you start any project read some articles and tutorials. That way you know exactly what you’re doing and all of the materials you will need. Then just give it a go, even if you’re not an expert when it comes to crafts, many of these are very easy to make and don’t require a whole lot of skill.

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