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Forget Toys: The One Thing Families Need To Buy This Christmas

Whether you’re someone that does the four gift rule, someone that loves to go overboard and spoil everyone at Christmas or somewhere in between there’s one thing that most people can agree on is the thing that they love most about spending time with their families over Christmas and that’s the opportunity to make special memories. My son who is seven still talks about the Christmas he woke up in his cot and how we went to look for presents –  there’s something especially magical about Christmas that make it one of the days each year that we want to all remember perfectly. This year, as much as my kids will be getting toys there’s now one extra thing which we’ll be using as a Christmas tradition and which I think is the perfect gift that every family needs.

bespoke photo album

I am the photographer of the family and I take hundreds of photos. They’re on my phone, on my camera, on my computer, Instagram and Facebook. My photos are everywhere except for one place. My photos are not in my home. Yes we scroll through the pictures on my phone sometimes and the kids think it’s hilarious to look at the 300 selfies they’ve taken of them doing daft faces, but it’s my phone, my computer. They can’t just look at them whenever they like. My husband only get’s to see the one’s I put on Facebook too. Somehow, the photos I took for all of us have ended up being something that none of us really get to see.

quality photo album


This is where Central Crafts come in and their beautiful personalised photo albums. Central Crafts is a family run business based in Hertfordshire and along with their other Italian products their photo albums are produced in Florence by a family business that has been working in the leather industry for generations, employing not only classic tanning techniques but also new ethical methods such as vegetable and organic tanning. The leather is responsibly sourced and the recycled leather range has been created using an ingenious tanning method which is far kinder to the environment and ensures that the impact on the planet is kept to a minimum.

personalised photo album uk

For us as a family this is the start of a tradition we’ve talked about doing for years, but like many things, not quite gotten round to. With the personalised inscription on the front we can make an album of our adventures and moments together each year and save them to look back over. So far I’ve included not just the ones from my camera of trips to Newquay, Perranporth and Polzeath but also the quick snaps I took on my camera from the kids birthdays and the picnic we had from the back of our car on a day out at the woods. The albums themselves are beautiful and the kids have loved looking through them. While we’re still a few weeks away from the end of the year I’ve used washi tape to put the photos in place for now, knowing that if I want to I can move them around when the year is done and all our favourite memories are safely in there.

personalised gifts photo album


Although we’ve enjoyed filling our bespoke photo album what’s been even better is that we’ve left a lot of pages empty, ready to be filled up with photos from Christmas and New Years Eve. My kids will be getting lots of presents this year, both from us and from the rest of our family, but now as a family we have have the extra special gift of saving all those memories to look back on, year after year.

personalised photo album

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  1. 4th December 2017 / 11:04 am

    I miss old school photo albums! The problem with having everything digital nowadays is that we never feel the need to print off and make albums!

    I’ve been tempted for so long to get all my photos printed and in albums but i just feel like its so much effort!

    I can honestly say there is nothing better than coming across and old photo album you forgot you even owned and bringing back all those old memories!

  2. Joanna
    4th December 2017 / 3:18 pm

    Photo albums are such great gifts, especially when you are able to personalise them. Indeed these days we keep all our photos on our phones or computers and don’t print them anymore. We should, as looking through a photo album together with the entire family can bring back so many happy memories.

  3. 4th December 2017 / 5:20 pm

    All year round we should make special memories. Christmas is a great reminder that there is so much to look forward to and be grateful for.

  4. 5th December 2017 / 11:34 am

    This is such a beautiful idea and a wonderful Christmas present. My sister gave me something similar a few years back with photos of me and my late mum and it was so thoughtful. Have you considered scrap booking too?

  5. 5th December 2017 / 9:23 pm

    That’s beautiful. Personally I prefer an old fashioned photo album rather than scrolling through photos on iCloud.

  6. 6th December 2017 / 6:53 pm

    What a fab idea! I’m forever taking pictures but never Do anything with them x

  7. Hannah
    6th December 2017 / 7:59 pm

    This is such a brilliant idea and definitely something I would gift! x

  8. 6th December 2017 / 9:22 pm

    Old school photo albums are the best!! I love the idea of giving someone a photo album for Christmas! x

  9. 7th December 2017 / 9:46 am

    This is such a lovely gift for little ones to treasure. I once made Stacey a photobook for her birthday, and she still loves looking through it today. It holds lots of special memories for her 🙂

    Louise x

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