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Football STEM Challenge + World Cup Ball Giveaway

I’m a great believer that if you want kids to be interested in something you have to actually make it interesting for kids – it’s a bit obvious really isn’t it? This summer I’ve been working with The Year Of Engineering on their Holiday Makers programme and thankfully they’re a big believer in making learning fun too – their latest challenge that we’ve taken on is football themed and one person could even win a match ball from the 2018 FIFA World Cup!

stem football challenge

What is The Year of Engineering and The Holiday Makers?

The Holiday Makers is a programme from the Year of Engineering, a scheme designed to change peoples perceptions about engineering, exciting and inspiring the next generation about engineering by showing them what engineers actually do. The Holiday Makers is a series of fun activities and challenges that you can do with your kids, to get them inventing and having fun during the holidays.

The Holiday Makers website has loads of free engineering inspired activities for you and your kids to try out and there are weekly challenges too. As we’re reaching the end of the holidays all six challenges are now online so you can choose a favourite to try out, catch up on any you’ve missed or have an engineering day with the kids  and see how many you can do! We tried out the Chain Reaction Challenge which we loved and have been making new versions of our Rube Goldberg machine all summer!


There’s something for kids aged 7 up to 16 and it’s easy to access and get started. You can get your own journal, collect badges and share your progress with friends, just make sure you check out all the ideas here on The Holiday Makers website or follow Year of Engineering on Facebook.

Although we’re reaching the end of the holidays there’s also still lots of events taking place with loads of workshops and exhibitions you can go to, perfect if you need a bit of inspiration for a fun day out!. Make sure you check out the events near you by looking at the interactive map here.

fifa tech challenge year of engineering

What is the FIFA Tech Challenge?

The FIFA Tech Challenge is all about finding out how engineering is used in football. I must admit that it’s something I hadn’t really thought about before, I knew that cameras were used in football matches of course and that the Video Assistant Referee could be used in matches but actually thinking about different cameras and where they were used? Well I’d obviously been a bit too focusesed on the game itself and I know my son was the same too.

If you watch the video below you can find out all about the different types of cameras used and where we think they’re used on the pitch. I’m going to use a disclaimer here and say that I’m not sure that we got the answers right so if you have a different I’d love to hear it!

FIFA World Cup Ball Giveaway

Take part in the challenge and share a picture on social media explaining why you made those decisions by Friday 7th September for your chance to win a ball from the FIFA World Cup!

year of engineering fifa

  • Twitter – Include #TheHolidayMakers, @YoEgovuk and @FIFAWorldCup in the post
  • Instagram – Include #TheHolidayMakers and @yearofengineering and @fifaworldcup in the post
  • Facebook – Respond to the challenge on The Year of Engineering Facebook page including #TheHolidayMakers, @yearofengineering and @fifaworldcup

 Terms and restrictions on prizes apply see

Good luck and be certain to check out The Holiday Makers for more engineering inspiration for kids.

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  1. 29th August 2018 / 12:18 pm

    It sounds like a fantastic challenge. Little man is not into football but he enjoys using his creativity and imagination to create different things.

  2. 29th August 2018 / 12:43 pm

    I think it’s so good that kids are being encouraged to get involved in things like this. I never had anything like this when I was a kid x

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