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flower goop sensory playReviews: Occasionally I am sent products or asked to try out a service in return for giving a review. All my reviews are my honest opinion of the item or items in question. I also review things sometimes which I have paid for myself but are just things that I like that I think my readers may like too. Sometimes in addition to the item itself I also receive payment for the post in which case it will state in the post that it has been ‘sponsored’, ‘featured’, created ‘in collaboration with’ or ‘in partnership with’.

Sponsored Posts: All sponsored posts on Crafts on Sea are ones which I have been paid to write. If this is the case, the post will state that it has been ‘sponsored’, ‘featured’, created ‘in collaboration with’ or ‘in partnership with’. I only work with brands, companies and organisations which I like or I feel are a good fit for Crafts on Sea which means I also turn things down.

Advertorials: These are posts which I have been paid to publish which have been written by someone else. I reserve the right to slightly change the text of these posts if I feel it does not fit in with the tone of Crafts on Sea. These may state that the post is ‘in collaboration with’, ‘in partnership with’ or that ‘this is an advertorial’

Affiliate Links: Crafts on Sea is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and

If you work for a company or brand and are interested in working with Crafts on Sea on any of the above please contact me at

Please note that I never advertise or work with gambling or bingo companies.

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