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Movable Chinese Dragon Paper Plate Craft

It’s not long now until Chinese New Year and this movable Chinese dragon paper plate craft is a great way to help excite the kids about the celebrations. Since having children we’ve celebrated Chinese New Year every year, after Christmas and New Year it feels like a long time until anything exciting and the weather is normally a bit miserable so an excuse to eat great food and make some Chinese New Year crafts has always been very popular here!

chinese dragon paper plate craft

Chinese Dragon Paper Plate Craft Materials

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Paper plate


Red paint

Gold star stickers



White card

Coloured construction paper

Felt tip pens

Craft sticks

Let’s make it:

Begin by painting your paper plate red, if you are in a rush for time or working with a big group you could always buy some red paper plates instead. While the paint is drying draw a dragons head and tail onto white card. I’m going to admit that these are not the easiest things to draw so in my opinion it’s perfectly acceptable to have a look at a few pictures on Google while you do this! Once you’ve finished your drawings cut them out.

Chinese Dragon Paper Plate Craft for kids

When your paper plate is dry cut a long line through the middle of it, you want the paper plate to still be joined together at each end. To make this safe for children I normally recommend pushing your scissors through the paper plate into some playdough.

Next cut a strip of construction paper and fold this in a concertina style sticking one end to the back of your dragon’s head and one to the back of your dragon’s tail. Stick a craft stick onto the back of each end of your dragon as well and your Chinese dragon puppet is now complete!

movable Chinese Dragon Paper Plate Craft

To finish your paper plate Chinese dragon craft all you need to do is stick your gold stickers onto the paper plate and then push the craft sticks through the gap in your paper plate. You should be able to make your dragon ‘dance’ by holding your paper plate with one hand and wiggling and moving your craft sticks with the other.

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Chinese New Year craft for kids movable paper plate dragon

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  1. 9th February 2018 / 9:20 pm

    What a fun, interactive craft! Thanks for the helpful step-by-step instructions. I’m so happy to have featured it in my list of favorite Chinese New Year activities!

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