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With two small kids the amount of time I get to make things myself is pretty limited. Actually it’s pretty non-existent, so anything I do needs to be made in a matter of minutes or it just isn’t going to happen. Thankfully I’ve got a way to make cushion covers that really can be done super quickly so these really can be whipped up in no time. What’s more this cute material was designed by myself and that was super simple too!

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Over the last couple of weeks I’ve shared a couple of posts on the Crafts on Sea Facebook page about quiet books and each time they’ve gone slightly crazy! People love quiet books and I can see why, they’re a great gift that you can make for your kid and they can help chill them out and help them learn at the same time. Fantastic! Seeing as they were so popular I thought it would be fun to make a little round up of some inspirational quiet book ideas. Stuff that looks cool but that is actually achievable too (I have two kids, I know what it’s like!) Hope you like them!

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Welcome back to Tuesday Tutorials. This week I’ve started sewing again after a long absence and I’ve been loving it! We spent last weekend reviewing a cottage staycation (more on that later!) where I did some work on leather bag I’ve been making forever and when we got back I started a sewing project for my son (more on that later too!) Because I’m a bit thrifty though I hate throwing nice material away so I’m always trying to think of things to do with the scraps, after all that stuff is expensive! Thankfully Tuesday Tutorials came to my rescue via some of the posts linked up last week and inspired this round up of fantastic things to make with fabric scraps.

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The other day I was mentally berating myself a bit for not having made anything yet for Valentines day and I suddenly remembered, I have bunting! Go me! In fairness I made this a couple of years back, just before I started this blog and a very small, slightly dodgy picture of it made it’s way into one of my first ever posts about how to make super quick felt bunting, but I figure as that was nearly two years ago and basically only me and my mum saw the post, it might be ok to look at it again?! After all, it is nearly Valentines Day, who doesn’t want some quick Valentines bunting?!

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Hello! I love upcycled stuff, mainly ummm, because I am a bit tight but also because I hate throwing stuff away (starts slight rant about landfill…) Vicky’s blog Vicky Myers Creations is one that I love because she is so passionate about using her sewing skills to create something new and gorgeous out of something that would otherwise be forgotten. I hope you love the tutorial she’s done for me today, do comment and let me know! And of course do check out her blog too and don’t forget to follow Vicky on twitter and on Pinterest too!

Hi, my name is Vicky – I am delighted to have this opportunity to guest blog for Kate. For the last 18 months I have been creating bags out of former clothes. I love the challenge of creating something new out of something old, responding to the fabric to see what I can create.

The ‘Valuing our clothes’ report from Wrap includes news that around 350,000 tonnes (31%) of used clothing out of a total of 1.13 million tonnes are sent to landfill. There are so many different uses for used clothing, reusing as clothing, recreating into new items – even actions as simple as your household cloths being used as, using as packaging.

Recently I was faced with the challenge of making a mans bag. My man is not a bag man, and my dad carries a Travel Men’s Leather Wrist Bag so no help there! The most popular mans bag seems to be a leather satchel/messenger bag, used in the work environment.

My customer liked my idea of creating a bag out of a man’s jacket, using the front collar for interest. I used his former messenger bag for measurements, utilised the strap, and raided my fabric stash (this included a great quality jacket and a work shirt).

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