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There’s no escaping it… You’re sick of your job. You’re bored, overqualified and under stimulated. You wish that your life had more sparkle than spreadsheets, more glitter than gloom and more creation than competition. You feel like you’re wasting away and under appreciated. Worse still, the humdrum monotony of your day job is causing your creative skills to atrophy. You invest so much time and effort into your job that by the time you’ve come home and done all the various “life admin” like cooking, cleaning, ironing and shopping the last thing you have a mind to do is break out your craft tools and get creative.

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Last week I was asked if I’d like to review Seaside Tinkered Treasures by Elyse Major and of course I jumped at the chance. As we live a ten minute walk from our nearest beach we do have (ahem) a mild tendency to bring ‘treasures’ home with us. Frankly, this means that any ideas on how to turn our stash into craft projects would be greatly appreciated!

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Regardless of your craft, supplies are expensive. It makes sense to care for them properly so they’re ready for use when you next need them, and so that you don’t have to replace damaged supplies. Here are a few quick tips on caring for the most common art supplies:

how to protect your craft supplies to make them last longer


Oil and acrylic paint is one the artist’s most treasured possessions, after his or her brushes. Even small tubes of good quality oil paint are expensive, and acrylic colours run a close second. The first precaution in caring for them is to make sure the tops are firmly screwed on otherwise they’ll eventually dry out. Oils dry slowly, but give them enough time exposed to the air and they’ll be ruined.

Watercolours come in two varieties, tubes or pans. With tubes, make sure the tops are on securely and that the threads are clean if you’re not going to use them for a while. The tops can become glued closed by dry paint. Pans are favoured by many artists because of their easy care and long life. As long as you keep them dry and out of extreme temperatures, they’ll last virtually forever. View Post

I’m understandably very happy today to be able to share this competition from docrafts with you! As I’ve mentioned before docrafts are sponsoring me to attend BritMums Live this year, they also sent me some absolutely gorgeous fabric to review which I used in my tag blanket tutorial, pretty cute huh?

Well it’s a good thing you think that as today I have not one, not two but (cuts to the chase)  five of these gorgeous fat quarter packs to give away. Each prizewinner will also receive a pair of these dressmakers sheers so it really is the perfect prize if you want to try a bit of sewing or give your stash a bit of a boost!

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The other Saturday night, in normal haphazard style, The Husband remembered that he had to work on Sunday morning. Normally when he’s working I try to have a plan in place but as this was last minute I had to think on my feet a bit. The result was looking for ways to paint without a paintbrush. We stopped off first thing at Wilkinsons and did a quick 99p purchase but other than that everything we found was around the house or garden. My son loved doing it so I thought I would share it with you!

ways to paint without a paintbrush

1) Pom poms, lovely and squishy and perfect for small hands

2) Pipecleaners, always get loads of these in craft packs and other than making crowns I never have a clue what to do with them. Obviously paint was the answer.

3) Flowers. We used dandelions (messy) and bluebells (super cute) These were probably the most popular things as hunting in the garden for things to paint with sounds very subversive when you are three! View Post