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Friday is pizza day round our house. Half because the kids think its a treat (pizza and a movie every Friday! Winning!) and half because by Friday neither my husband or I can be doing with cooking either. It’s Friday, everyone just wants to relax. So when we were asked by Prezzybox if we’d like to review their DIY Chocolate Pizzas it seemed like the perfect half term activity for us – to be made on a Friday of course.

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As we can’t get to a cinema at the moment my son has been busy reading a new Finding Dory book this week, so when I suggested making some Finding Dory ice pops to him he was super excited, even though we had to order in ice pop molds especially as ours got lost in the move! These fun ice pops are super simple to make and are almost healthy?! Ok, well they’re certainly not 100% but they do count towards one of your kids five a day and that’s no bad thing to me!

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This sticky ginger cake is moist, crumbly, tasty and super simple to make. Not only was it popular in my house but I ended up having to package some up because my in-laws wanted some to take home! As the mum of two small kids I no longer have the time to experiment in the kitchen that I used to so if I’m making something I want to know that it will turn out well, frankly, I just don’t have the time for things to go wrong. Flora are sharing a number of tried and tested recipes on their site that are perfect for making at home. They have loads of great cake recipes and they let me try out re-creating their recipe for sticky ginger cake to test on my family!

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Hungry yet? I had so much fun putting together this round up of gorgeous blueberry recipes but boy did it make me want to get in the kitchen and get baking – or at least eating! There’s some great posts in here from using blueberries in savory food, to gorgeous blueberry deserts and a couple of drinks too, hope you like it!

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Sometimes mealtimes round here are a bit tricky. Ok, a lot of the time they are. As I’m a SAHM and my husband works locally we try to eat together as a family as much as possible, but recently The Toddlers increasingly long list of Stuff He Will Not Eat has been driving me slightly batty. I’ve recently started following the blog Eats Amazing which has really given me the inspiration to try and make food time a bit more fun so I thought I’d share these space themed lunch ideas which were my first attempt at making food a bit more interesting!

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