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As we can’t get to a cinema at the moment my son has been busy reading a new Finding Dory book this week, so when I suggested making some Finding Dory ice pops to him he was super excited, even though we had to order in ice pop molds especially as ours got lost in the move! These fun ice pops are super simple to make and are almost healthy?! Ok, well they’re certainly not 100% but they do count towards one of your kids five a day and that’s no bad thing to me!

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Sometimes mealtimes round here are a bit tricky. Ok, a lot of the time they are. As I’m a SAHM and my husband works locally we try to eat together as a family as much as possible, but recently The Toddlers increasingly long list of Stuff He Will Not Eat has been driving me slightly batty. I’ve recently started following the blog Eats Amazing which has really given me the inspiration to try and make food time a bit more fun so I thought I’d share these space themed lunch ideas which were my first attempt at making food a bit more interesting!

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Now I’m happy to admit that I am not a big party thrower (stress!) but when I saw these gorgeous posts I couldn’t help but thing what brilliant party food ideas they would be. I mean, just look at them…party food ideasThese Elderflower Wand Biscuits from In The Playroom look beautiful and would be perfect for a fairy or princess birthday party, I’m sure if I changed the colours a bit my son would love them too, wizards party?! Blue Bear Wood’s Lavender Madeleines are exactly the kind of food I wish I served up regularly, don’t they look beautiful! They’d look amazing at a tea party on some vintage china. Apparently all party food ideas should involve something savory too and I think these Lamb Fajitas from Capture by Lucy would be perfect, they look gorgeous and all the family can enjoy them.

Tagines have been one of my favorite foods for ages, but with two small people around I’m normally so rushed in the evening that I don’t get time to make them. I suddenly realised last week that of course I could just pop all the ingredients into my slow cooker as and when I got the chance and then by dinner time a lovely meal would be ready and waiting for me with no panic involved. And my three year old will eat it. Ok, he avoids the olives but that just means more of them for me!

slow cooked chicken tagineSlow Cooked Chicken Tagine: Feeds two adults and one small person


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I’m so thankful to be able to share this guest post with you today from Gude. She is genuinely one of my favourite craft bloggers, whose blog I found when I guest edited the Mumsnet Craft Blogs Round Up. A couple of months later and I discovered (spooky music alert) that she is actually a friend from my teenage days (should have guessed that as her twitter profile is a picture of her drinking. Obviously we went to a school where we learnt all the important stuff!) I’m always in need of some hints on how to encouage a picky toddler to eat so I’ll be trying all of these ideas out soon, especially the dinosaur sandwich cutters which I am in love with! Anyway, here’s Gude…

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