Autumn flowers

Over the last few days the weather has seemed to have really changed. It’s not that we had glorious sunshine all summer, far from it, I think we only went to the beach once while the kids were off school, but it suddenly feels more autumnal. The blackberries are ripe, we’ve picked a couple of apples from the tree in our garden and the leaves are starting to fall. Suddenly it really feels like autumn.

autumn flowers

As it goes I don’t mind autumn that much, for a start almost all our birthdays are in autumn, my daughter and husband’s in October, mine in November and my son’s is just inside December. Not officially an autumn baby although he should have been, the procrastination I see now with putting on coats and shoes in the morning reflected by the fact that his birth was also much later than planned being 15 days overdue (and only appearing when dragged out with a c-section then). Flowers are a great way to celebrate birthdays of course and they’re also a great way to cheer the house up a bit too – might as well seeing as Autumn means you’re likely to spend more time indoors! Flying Flowers have a good article on birth month flowers which says that my daughters birth flowers are marigolds, which apparently makes her very charming, certainly true as she has a way to get round everyone despite being the most strong willed person I’ve ever met!


With a November birthday my flowers are chrysanthemums, the flower symbolises friendship and joy but apparently people with November birthdays can be a bit intense? Ooops.

For my son his December birthday means that his flower should be a poinsettia, symbolising success and cheerfulness, as school is now back I remain hopeful about both of those things!

Do you know what the birth flower is for your the month you were born in?

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  1. 8th September 2017 / 5:20 pm

    I absolutely love autumnal flowers – the colours are just perfection. As for the flower for the month, I was born? NO IDEA!

  2. 9th September 2017 / 12:12 pm

    My birthday is in November too and I had no idea what my flower was so now I do. I love fresh flowers and Autumn is my favourite season too for everything outdoors. I just love it! – Angela The Inspiration Edit 🙂

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