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5 Tips to Decorate a Gender-Neutral Nursery

The build up to having a beautiful new born is just so exciting; the progression of the bump, the scans and decorating the baby’s nursery. If you have no idea whether you are going to be having a beautiful boy or a pretty little girl, then thinking about how to decorate the new bedroom could be a little daunting.

neutral nursery
Here are a few hints and tips that you can follow to ensure that you get the most fabulous gender-neutral nursery:

1. Choose Furniture Before Anything Else
The furniture that you choose will be a massive investment, until they get too big for their cots and will have to upgrade to their big boy/girl beds and bigger mattresses.
Furniture really is quite standard when it comes to decorating a nursery. White is always a great option, so maybe invest in white while the children are still too young to scribble all over it.
By making the furniture your first tick on the to do list, you will be able to lay it all out and get some inspiration on how to decorate.

2. Choosing Standard Colours
There are certain colours that are not associated with any gender, and fun fact, yellow isn’t the only one. Here are some colours that you can decorate your nursery with that have no stereotypical meaning what so ever:
⦁ Orange
⦁ Coral
⦁ Pastel Green
⦁ Beige/taupe
⦁ Grey
One idea is to challenge the stereotypes of gender-associated colours and paint the room blue or pink and then when the baby is born, you could always add opposite accessories. You could even paint two blue walls and two pink walls – what a nice way to mix things up.


gender neutral nursery

3. Painting Murals
If you don’t fancy painting your walls a basic colour, then don’t, be experimental. There are some great wall art/murals that you could perhaps paint on, for example, a great big teddy bear or a big photo that tells a story.
Rather than have something that may connotate a specific gender, perhaps have a woodland theme or a safari animal theme rather than fairies and monster trucks.

4. Adding Statement Patterns
Print is another great option – there are some fab teddy-bear themed wallpapers that you could invest in. This might be a bit much for the entire bedroom though, so perhaps maybe do three walls a neutral beige, and have one big wall with this funky print.
Artwork may even brighten up one of the walls rather than having statement print or even a big wall mural with polka dots, animals, teddy bears etc.

5. Add Warmth Using Products
A furry throw over a chair, a textured rug and even some paintings – these little touches will warm up the nursery and add depth. Uou don’t need to get anything that is specifically gender related. Cuddly toys that are nature led aren’t usually gender specific, such as animals, big stars or plants, and make a cute addition to any nursery.
Happy Beds wish you the best of luck with your new born baby and if you ever need any cots or big boy/girl beds or comfortable mattresses for all ages, then there are plenty over on their website.

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