Want to continue that lovely Christmas feeling? Help me help Railway Children! Please!!

So, here’s the deal, as a soon to be unemployed fundraiser I have a soft spot for a good cause. I also have a big ol’ soft spot for my squishy son which is why the following facts rather disconcern me:

” A child runs away from home or care every five minutes in the UK. In a recent survey, one in 11 teenagers aged 14 to 16 admitted to having run away overnight at some stage in their life. This can happen to anyone, with as many children running away from affluent homes as from low-income households.” (From Mumsnet

The thought of my lovely, squishy boy out in the world on his own puts the fear of God up me. There are few worse things I can imagine, and those things fall into the ‘things I try not to contemplate under any circumstances’ category.

Mumsnet bloggers network are currently working with Aviva and Railway Children and here’s the bit I really do like, for every blog post that’s written about this by New Year Aviva will give £2 to Railway Children to help support children who have run away from home, or those that are risk of doing so.

That’ll be two quid please Mr Aviva.

Not only that, they’ll donate another two quid if I pop this on the CraftsonSea Facebook page and another two quid everytime I tweet about it. No brainer isn’t it? Apologies to people that follow me, but there will be at least five. That’s fourteen quid in the bag. Sussed.

Now’s where you come in, if you comment below Aviva will give another £2 to help children who have run away from home, and less we forget, 1 in 6 of those will sleep rough. The husband runs the local homeless centre so I know a bit about people who sleep rough. I know that if you sleep in the town centre people will kick three shades out of you when they come out of the nightclubs and think it’s fun to urinate on you. I know the other risks it puts you at, some of the people you’ll mix with. I would never wish this on my son, nor anyone else’s child.

Comment below, rise two quid to help someone else’s child and be thankful it’s not your own. And keep that good, helping your neighbour Christmassy spirit going. You’ll be getting some sent to you from me too x


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  1. says

    The statistics are very sad indeed. Recently a young woman was killed by a falling tree here she had camped underneath it for shelter and was also homeless. Very sad x

  2. says

    I’m supporting this cause too. The stats are shocking and to think that 70% of those that go missing remain unreported by family is so saddening. It’s a really worthy cause to get behind. Let’s hope we help to raise lots of money for Railway Children.

  3. says

    A great cause to support. The figures are truly heart breaking and that 2/3 of runaways go unreported as missing, by those who are supposed to be responsible for their care and welfare, is absolutely shocking. Railway Children do fantastic work helping these very vulnerable children.

    • Kate says

      Totally, awful to think that someone wouldn’t even report it. I guess it’s the fear of social services? Who knows… :(

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