With the summer holidays now upon us I thought it would be a good idea to share some ideas of things to do with your preschooler for free. If you have a preschooler you’ll know how the holidays suddenly mean that your go to places are either closed (parent and child groups, children’s centre) or absolutely rammed full of ‘big kids’ (oh my days have you been to soft play in the holidays? It’s carnage!) Having two kids myself – one preschooler and one school age I’m sure that most of these activities are suitable for older kids too and there’s enough suggestions that you should be able to find a few ideas no matter what the age of your kids or what they are into.

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I think that after making our DIY story stones last week I might have become a little obsessed with painting on stones, it’s such a quick and easy way to make something that the kids can use and of course they look really pretty too! These DIY number stones can be made in about ten minutes and today I’m sharing my tips on how to make them as well as some ideas on how you can use them with kids of different ages and abilities, I’ve been using this set with both my two year old and my five year old and they’ve both enjoyed this pretty little way to do some learning!

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I planned out this simple milk jug craft for my toddler the other day and it was perfect for her total can’t sleep won’t sleep mood this afternoon she was so tired but so in denial about it that this was the only way to get her out of a mood! Of course while these eggs looks like a really simple craft (and yay, it is) there’s actually loads of little ways that you are sneaking learning in for your kid. Plus it’s fun to get the little one’s excited about Easter and crafts which involve raiding the recycling bin are always popular with me, I love a cheap way to keep my kids entertained!

Easter Milk Jug Craft for toddlers

You will need:

Empty milk jug, cleaned and dried


Gem Stickers (mine are from the pound shop)

How to make it:

Use your scissors to cut egg shapes out of your milk carton, I find it easiest if I cut the flat sides out of the milk carton first and then attempt the shapes. Give the egg shapes and the stickers to your toddler and let them get decorating. This is obviously super simple both to set up and make but you can talk about colours, sizes (which egg is the biggest), it helps promote fine motor skills and most importantly it was fun and it kept my toddler happy.

milk carton craft for preschoolers

I normally try to get a picture of my kids crafting so you know it’s not just me acting like a three year old or something, but today she would not budge from my lap! I managed to grab all of one (slightly blurry) picture and I think I’ve managed to hide most of the zillion toys that were on my floor?? Either way, it was nice to make these together and she loved the sparkly stickers too.

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I love using q-tips for crafts(or cotton buds as they’re called here in the UK). They’re cheap, you probably have some in your bathroom cabinet and the kids always seem to appreciate using something a bit different to paint with! My youngest has been wanting to make a ladybird for a couple of weeks now but I couldn’t think of anything that she could have fun and enjoy without being too adult led. I think it’s ok to prep a couple of bits in advance to help, but she’s only two so I don’t really like telling her where to stick things, or telling her that she shouldn’t use the pink paint if that’s what she wants. Thankfully this ladybird craft for toddlers suited her perfectly, I’ll share a couple of ideas in the post about how to make this as easy and enjoyable as possible and also a couple of ways you could change up this ladybird craft for older kids.

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I hate my kids playing with shaving foam. It sticks to your clothes, it feels kinda gross. I’m not that keen on the smell of it eaither. But this foam? Well, this foam is good! Smells nice, easy to get off you and even better I found everything I needed to make it within about 30 seconds of walking round my house and then making it only took about a minute more. We love sharing sensory play ideas for kids and this foam is perfect for sensory and messy play, plus once you know how to make it it’s great as a fall back plan for those times when you need something to keep the kids occupied for a bit!

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