So, a couple of weeks ago a man contacted me and asked if I would like to do a product review on some clothes and I thought….hmm…. because the day he happened to contact me was super-dooper-spam-on-twitter day and anyone who contacted me that I hadn’t known since birth was treated with the level of suspicion that I normally reserve for Russian ex-military types with a teapot full of Polonium.
Which is strange, because in ye olden days I used to write a fanzine (yes, really that long ago, it was on ceefax and everything) and I used to get stuff to review all the time and never thought twice about it. Funny how one gets more suspicious in old age.
Anyway. Having worried for at least 15 minutes that this was a state sponsored attempt by The Man to Shut Me Down I then realised that a) this was unlikely and I should stop drinking so much caffeine and b) I could actually do with some new clothes for Jacob so I said yes and lo and behold a week later some goodies from Vertbaudet arrived in the post.
I did think that as a ‘proper’ product tester I should just let him wear their gear. However the Husband reliably informed me that if I dressed him all in pale colours he would look like Martin Bell.
Nice trousers Jacob!
Oh! And a nice top too! Apologies for the baby reins here, which rather spoil my modelling on the beach session, but he’d just walked down the steps onto the beach from the main road behind where, like a proper Essex Boy, he’d been trying to chase after 4×4’s and sports cars.
So yes, nice things, cheers! In terms of sensible testing, they do both require a bit of ironing which isn’t generally my biggest forte, so I do my best to leave that to John. One strange thing though is that the children’s clothes in Vertbaudet are 0-36 months or 2-14? And as Jacob is 18 months he looks a bit weird in baby clothes now so I struggled a bit to find something that looked like the ‘right’ age for him, I just can’t see him rocking much in the way of pastels these days, although maybe that’s just me.
If anyone else would like me to product test huge diamonds, 4×4’s filled to the brim with petrol or holidays in the Caribbean with baby sitting thrown in, I’m your girl. Just don’t send me the dodgy teapot, ok?

Because lets face it, you don’t get stuff like this in Primark do you!

Last week I happened to be in London and ended up finishing what I was doing about half an hour before I had intended. At this point the mummy bloggers dilemma struck. Do I a) Go home and get stuck into the horrific pile of washing up that is sat in the kitchen, b) Go home and attempt to phone John to let him know that I would pick Jacob up early from the childminders (not an easy task as his phone is on the blink)  or c) flick a V sign at domesticity and quickly go the couple of tube stops in the wrong direction to go to Libertys where I have Never Ever been to before and am sure that I would LOVE.

I wonder which one won?!?

Looks nice, huh?

For those as misfortuned as me who have never been to Libertys before it is amazing. Seriously, I walked into this little olde worlde shop with the wooden owls and thought I had stepped into the crafty girls Harry Potter set. Having allowed myself all of ten minutes to explore and, you know, possibly get a blog post out of it, I attempted to quickly pop up to the fabric section to go drool on some stuff. Tragically the lift was out of order so I instead traipsed past many, many things, all of which had their eye on my debit card (not even a credit card) but I held strong. I was a woman on a blogging mission after all and not there to do all my hard earned cash on stuff when you can get perfectly good material in Chelmsford Market for £3.50 a meter.

Of course, you will not be shocked to learn that this totally fell apart when I got to the aforementioned fabric section andtold myself what is the point in running a craft blog, nay, what is the point in living damn it if you go to Libertys and don’t even buy yourself one single beautiful thing? I looked at the jelly-rolls (they are called jelly-rolls, right?!) Fifty quid. Fifty bleeding quid and I can’t even do patchwork. Damn you Libertys are you trying to kill my blog?!

I settled in the end on this gorgeous piece of fabric. Its not a Libertys print but it is lush-o-rama. My only question now is what to do with half a meter of lovely fabric? Answers in a comment box below please!

*Quick reminder – if you’re reading this before Tuesday 26th June then you’re still in time to enter the Crafts on Sea ‘Bah, just put your feet up’ competition to win a Patrick Gale novel and some Green and Blacks chocolate. Go, go, go!*


And relaaaaxxxxx…… regular readers will notice that I have turned into an utter stress monkey of late. And that being a stress monkey is no fun what-so-ruddy-ever and probably something that I should avoid. So, welcome to my lovely ‘bah, just put your feet up’ competition!

I have been sent two copies of A Perfectly Good Man by by Patrick Gale via the lovely people at Mumsnet Book Club. As I am only intending on reading one copy the other copy is now up for grabs. I haven’t read it yet, but I have read Notes From an Exhibition which he wrote and it was fab! Also added by my own good self are two proper sized bars of Green and Blacks chocolate, one dark, one milk, both struggling to not be eaten!

To enter just leave a comment below saying what you do to relax and de-stress. A winner will be chosen at random on Tuesday 26th June, so no extra points for writting ‘I drink a vat of wine while the kids are eating their coco pops’. No extra points either  if you RT / promote on twitter /  facebook, but I will send you a big sloppy cyber snog if that floats your boat. I will then email the winner for their address and the book and chocolate will be winging its way to you!




Crikey I’m tired, how about you? And I’ve ben overdoing it too, overdoing it to the point of illness this week unfortunatly which cumulated last night in a migraine making me miss my soon to be sister in law’s hen do. Which is a shame, firstly because I am quite keen on going out and eating and drinking (ok, very keen) and secondly because, well, this is the only sister in law I’m likely to get and I’m really rather fond of her so now I feel like a bit of a git. Not purposeful gittishness of course, but still a git.

So yes, yesterday was all tears and headaches and trying not to be sick in the father in laws car (the glamour!) and deciding that I really need to stop trying to do so much. And today is…unsure. Yesterday I was defiantly going to give up blogging (takes too long, what’s the ruddy point of it anyway) especially as I have the BritMums Live thingey next weekend which I should be looking forward too but actually I am bricking it because I don’t know anybody and despite all the lovely newbie stuff they have in place I really don’t want to force my company on anyone.

Really? It’s probably all just because I have a small child that still at 18 months doesn’t sleep that brilliantly and not only have I lost my sense of humour (that went roughly the week after I got knocked up) but I think I’ve also lost my sense of perspective and am getting all in a tither about the wrong things. Even if sometimes blogging / twitter / facebook seems like a bit of a grown up version of Top Trumps, I do still enjoy it and even today, in my still vaguely black dog state, random people who I don’t know have wandered along on twitter to say hello and it has put me in a bit of a better mood. And actually, I’ve never been that keen on housework anyway. So today is not an end of blog day, its a two blog day. But I’m not going to beat myself up anymore about how much blogging I do, how many page hits I get (not loads!) or anything else, health is, and will always be, number one. And being well enough to go out on the lash comes a pretty close second.