I am in love with my slow cooker, IN LOVE I tell you. Two things I like about it: 1) I can chuck a load of food in it early in the day and then later on, post glass of wine have dinner waiting for me with no effort 2) it makes me both look and sound like some kind of domestic goddess who plans things in advance. This is exactly the kind of myth I like to encourage!

Seeing as it’s so cold outside still I thought I’d pull together ten great slow cooker recipes you could do this weekend, saving you some time to chill out with the shiraz.

Sausage Casserole

This fabulous recipe came from my friend Jodie and has universal love from everyone who’s tried it. You can do it in a casserole dish in the oven, but I like to pop it in my slow cooker about mid-day so I don’t have to think anymore about cooking once lunchtime is over!

Italian Vegetable Bake

I hate the cold weather so this lovely looking dish from the BBC’s Good Food site sounds like a surefire winner for helping me to start focusing on more cheery things like summer holidays. View Post


A little while ago I sold some jewellery through etsy. Unlike other sales I’ve made it sits in your paypal account and, well, to be honest I kind of forgot about it. Then after the tragic tale of the drunk bunny I thought well, that’s it for now. No more selling for me for a bit. Might as well shut up shop until April.

And then I remembered the money still sat in paypal and I thought actually, rather than spending it on the gas bill, rather than it getting inhaled in Starbucks, rather than it disappearing back into my bank and being lost at the petrol pump, I’d like to make the most of that bit of money and buy something else on etsy with it. View Post


I have been tagged by Rachel who writes An Exeter Mum, which is a blog I really like so I thought I’d ignore my normal bah humbug rule to memes and do this one. A good mood for the New Year? Imagine!

Where do you do most of your writing / blogging

At work in my lunch break, sadly this is the main downfall of my impending redundancy! Other than that its at home, in the (bloomin’ cold) dining room as that’s where the Internet connection is best, in that tiny bit of time between putting the toddler to bed and getting dinner started.

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So, what I failed to mention in my last post about silversmithing against the clock is that one of the other reasons I was rather up against it was that I found out that the class for next term was fully booked. And I wasn’t on it.


And if you want to know the truth, I found that out pretty much at the same time I found out I was losing my job and by that point learning that there’d be no class for me in the New Year was way more gutting than learning that there’d be no job. It was certainly also the more unexpected of the two.

In the meantime I have this silver hare, planned before the term started, cut in the first session, faffed around with off and on in almost every class after that after the weight of his lovely ears made him topple a bit (‘hey Kate, how’s drunk bunny going?’)

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