Oh deer! A three minute or three hour Christmas Snowglobe

I’ve been wanting to join in on the Pinaddicts Challenge for ages, basically (as far as I can work out), you find something lush on Pinterest, pin it, try and re-make it yourself and then hopefully feel a bit smug. I mean, look at what other people have created, while basking in the warm glow of handmade loveliness. I think that’s it anyway! If not I’m sure someone will shove the rulebook in my direction shortly! So here’s what I pinned

Image and idea http://elisamclaughlin.com/design/2011/12/diy-winter-in-a-jar/

It’s gorgeous, right? Because who wouldn’t want a homemade snowglobe? Especially one that’s made out of old jam jars? Why, that makes it count as upcycling too which mean you can feel mega virtuous! The instructions on making it are over here.

So, this is where the confession starts. I have made one, it is lush. However, crikey did version number one take me ages! For some reason I decided that it required icing sugar (it doesn’t, don’t do this) and I don’t have a hot glue gun so I used superglue instead. Would the superglue work? Would it heck. And impatient old me decided to not really bother waiting for it to dry anyway. Then I decided to try it with glitter and water. Now if you try this you need to totally fill your jam jar with water and a tiny bit of washing up liquid otherwise your glitter will be all cloggy. Here’s how this looked 

By all accounts very gorgeous, but (and its a big but) if you tip it upside down and then up again to get the beautiful glittery snow effect, some of the water will come out. This could be rectified by putting some sealant round it but umm… I did this at work. So I didn’t have any sealant. This is the three hour version of me faffing around. Opps.

The next day and I was ready to do battle again. By now all my superglue was gone so I resorted to bluetac and went with the original caster sugar and glitter. And it worked! And it only took me three minutes to do! Yes, you probably wouldn’t get to shake it that much but I’m hardly going to give a glass jar to my two year old to play with am I? And mine has a cute deer in it, I say, on average, I win. Go me!

If you fancy joining in on the Pinaddicts Challenge, or checking out some other people’s handmade loveliness  the linky is over here.

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    • Kate says

      Ah, you have more patience than me with the superglue! I am a bit like a 2 year old myself and just wanted to play with it 😉

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