Crochet – The story so far….

So last week I wrote about learning to crochet at Beautiful Things in Brentwood with the super-dooper talented Claire Mackaness. I’d wanted to learn to crochet for ages but am generally mega klutzy at this kind of thing and so asked Claire if she would swap a review in return for me taking a class.

Best. Idea. Ever.

Having finished the class now I am so certain that I never ever would have learnt any of this if it wasn’t for Claire, I hold my crochet hook differently to how all tutorials say I should, I struggle to follow the pictures I’ve seen of what to do, but you know what? I did it and here’s what I did

chain stitch

Chain stitch is the building blocks from which you start your crochet, I did this in my first class and I think it looks a bit like one of those hair wraps you got on holiday as a kid?! Not great on its own, no, but when you build in it, it becomes…

treble crochet diagram

Proper crochet, see! We mastered double crochet in week one and by week two were on to half treble and treble crochet. Looking at the stitches above I can already see how easy it would be to make a blanket or a scarf, it just needs to be a bit bigger, right? And I can move from one stitch to another without everything going completely wrong which means that nice patterns can be created. Then for the finale…

crochet flowerA crocheted flower. Yeah, you know I’m proud of that, right?! It looks like the kind of thing you should only attempt if you’ve been doing crochet for ages but this was after three hours with Claire (including tea drinking, obviously don’t attempt crochet without tea) and an hour’s practice at home. The flower took less than an hour to make so from not even knowing that you only use one crochet hook to making something this cute in five hours all in – I figure that makes the classes at Beautiful Things a pretty great investment, after all, if I’ve waited 33 years to do nothing up until this point, who knows how long it would have been before I actually learnt anything if it wasn’t for Claire?!

So now I have the basic skills, have bough a very fine looking crochet hook from Beautiful Things and have even started a Pinterest board of crochet inspiration (you know I can’t help myself). And today I have a little project in my head to keep me going and I’ve even been out and made my first purchase of wool ever. With mini-craftsonsea due in a few weeks (eek!) I’m planning to relax in the meantime with some crochet at home, but as soon as I’m able to get out of the house again I’m planning to book onto another crochet course at Beautiful Things and get Claire to help me until I’ve really got this thing sorted!

There are loads of gorgeous classes at Beautiful Things in Brentwood – I saw the comic book shoes while I was there and they are amazing!!! Go take a look…

*Super fabulous offer!! Mention Crafts on Sea when you contact Beautiful Things and you can get 10% off a course! Whoop!*

more crochet crafts on sea

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  1. says

    Fab – well done you! Weirdly, I also learnt to crochet at a class whilst pregnant, almost exactly a year ago (albeit that my class was over six weeks rather than one day!) I made my newborn a little crocheted hat and felt supremely pleased with myself. Like superwoman.
    I am also off to peruse your Pinterest board…!
    Rachel recently posted…And we have a winner!My Profile

    • Kate says

      Apparently it’s much easier than knotting so you should be fine :) But yes, I always find it a lot easier when I have someone who can help me out when I (invariably) get in pickle!

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