It’s fair to say that Easter is quite popular around our house, I know this to be true because last night my three year old refused to sleep for two hours because she was soooooo excited and when could she have her Easter egg hunt? Needless to say I’ve been questioning celebrating Easter this weekend instead! I do genuinely enjoy Easter though and I enjoy having something to look forward too as much as the kids do, I do get a slight panic though when I get asked to do something on a theme straight away though so this is the most recent of my free printable lists of activities so that you can print this out and pop it onto your fridge ready to give you some inspiration when you need some fun Easter activities for kids.

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I’ve made a few of these free kids activity sheets now and each time they prove so popular that I thought I’d better do it again with this new list of fun Spring activities for kids. I’ve listed all of the activities below and if it’s something that I think you might want to find out more about, like a recipe or a craft, then I’ve popped a link in to where you can find out more. Because I know that when you have kids you always need to to have about a zillion ideas up your sleeve and readily accessible you can also download this list and print it off ready to go on your fridge or wherever you can access it quickly, you’ll find the link after all the activities.

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With the Easter holidays looming I normally find that I’m both excited to get to spend more time with my kids and also slightly nervous about how to fill the days and keep them happy without needing to re-mortgage my home. Over the last couple of years we’ve done quite a few Easter crafts and activities together. Some to stop them from running wild when it’s just us at home, some on play dates when they have friends round, but all of them have been enjoyed. Hope you enjoy them too!

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I planned out this simple milk jug craft for my toddler the other day and it was perfect for her total can’t sleep won’t sleep mood this afternoon she was so tired but so in denial about it that this was the only way to get her out of a mood! Of course while these eggs looks like a really simple craft (and yay, it is) there’s actually loads of little ways that you are sneaking learning in for your kid. Plus it’s fun to get the little one’s excited about Easter and crafts which involve raiding the recycling bin are always popular with me, I love a cheap way to keep my kids entertained!

Easter Milk Jug Craft for toddlers

You will need:

Empty milk jug, cleaned and dried


Gem Stickers (mine are from the pound shop)

How to make it:

Use your scissors to cut egg shapes out of your milk carton, I find it easiest if I cut the flat sides out of the milk carton first and then attempt the shapes. Give the egg shapes and the stickers to your toddler and let them get decorating. This is obviously super simple both to set up and make but you can talk about colours, sizes (which egg is the biggest), it helps promote fine motor skills and most importantly it was fun and it kept my toddler happy.

milk carton craft for preschoolers

I normally try to get a picture of my kids crafting so you know it’s not just me acting like a three year old or something, but today she would not budge from my lap! I managed to grab all of one (slightly blurry) picture and I think I’ve managed to hide most of the zillion toys that were on my floor?? Either way, it was nice to make these together and she loved the sparkly stickers too.

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My toddler adores sensory bins and with Easter on the way what more excuse do I need to share these fabulous Easter sensory bins with you? As much as my kids adore Easter egg hunts I like to keep the Easter activities going as much as possible and after all they can’t just eat chocolate eggs all day, as much as I’m sure they’d like to! These fun sensory bins are great for toddlers and slightly older kids. Actually I think I’d rather like to play in them too!

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