Book Club Recommendations: AKA blog number two…

I’ve totally forgot to mention blog number two haven’t I? Oops…

Well it’s called Book Club Recommendations and it’s literally just that. I’ve been in a book club for a couple of years now and I always struggle to find a book I think everyone else will like. I’ve tried following what the Amazon reviews said, that didn’t work. I’ve tried nicking ideas from the Mumsnet book club and oh dear that really didn’t work! I’ve tried looking at other book club sites but they never seemed to work for me so I thought ‘meh, I’ll start my own then.’

So I did.

I have no ‘qualifications’ as such. Yes, I’m an English graduate and an ex-bookdealer but I umm… also like Grazia and I don’t read nineteenth century fiction that often these days (Although I have read four Julia Donaldson books today. Humph.)

It’s the real reviews of me and the girls in my group. Women who are just as interested in the quality of the crisps and the wine as anything else but if you are going to invest time in reading something then hey it’s got to be something good!

And if you pop over to Book Club Recommendations now then you’ll find a competition running to win £10 worth of Amazon vouchers, well worth a gander if you ask me!

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  1. says

    Cool! I shall pop over and check it out. I love reading but I never seem to give myself the time. My favourite books are Alias Grace – Margaret Atwood and Life & Death in Shanghai by Nien Cheng which is very moving x

  2. Rune Mossige says

    We joined a kids book club when our son was just 6 months old, and have read at least 30 minutes for him every single day.

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